the Dale Gribble effect


Have you ever noticed that some students symptoms suddenly disappear and they suddenly feel better when they realize that you are keeping tabs on them and entering their visits in to your computer? I just had a student come in and when he saw his name on my computer screen, he had a very Dale Gribble reaction (from the King of the Hill tv show for those of you unfamiliar - he's very paranoid and thinks all computers are linked to a giant government computer) and left very quickly.

YES! For me it's more if they realize I'm tracking each time they come in to see me. They dont usually see me enter it into the computer but when a frequest flyer sees me write down each visit in a log or if their parent comes in requesting to see how many visits they have come for I've seen # of visits drop for the next few weeks.


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No, I wish! I have them repeat their symptoms to me as I document it in the computer. They don't care. The only time their symptoms magically improve is when they know they're going home.


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I'm with you tictac!!

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oh, i get plenty of those too... i was just surprised by these guys


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My kids don't care! I log every one I see in a book every time I see them. They don't care, lol.

I have on frequent flyer who's teacher knows her drill....and I don't see her often anymore...unless there's a sub. Then it's 3x by 9am!


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That's an interesting thought. Thanks for sharing!