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Cut my losses now?


Hi. I am almost done with my prereqs, have maintained a 4.0, and scored over 90% on all sections of the HESI exam. All ready for nursing school next fall...

Except that, I was just diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and Vasculitis. I go in later this week to meet with my Rheumy to discuss treatment options, which will most likely consist of steroids, low-dose chemotherapy, and immunosuppressants. Doc says she is hopeful that I can be put in remission and can resume my normal activities with no limitations, but that I will need to take medication for the rest of my life -- which come with some serious side effects.

I am more interested in working in the OR than I am floor nursing, but I'm also hearing impaired and I don't know how well that would work out for me. But if I'm immunosuppressed and at higher risk for infection myself, how can I take care of people with active illnesses and infections?

I don't know what to do. I'm sick and scared....

Ultimately this can only be your decision, but... you've come so far. You've just been diagnosed, and I'm sure it's a shock and you're dealing with it. I think you should continue on. Clearly, this is the path for you - you've maintained amazing grades and have a passion. I believe that, despite obstacles, you will make a fantastic nurse and can do this if you want it!!! I know a few people with RA in demanding positions, and once you've learned to manage what you've been dealt, you'll be able to do anything you set your mind to :)

I just Googled "nurse with RA" (with the quotation marks), and got a bunch of hits, several from our own allnurses.com. The stories and experiences of other nurses with RA may help you with your decision-making. And if you do decide to keep going, I encourage you to contact some of them to have some support from people who understand.

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Devil's advocate here . . .

It is a very bad idea for an immunosuppressed person to participate in clinical training because it would be impossible to avoid exposure to all the "cooties". I would advise waiting a while - until the OP's RA is stabilized. The OP should focus on her own health first.

at the risk of sounding like i don't see both sides...

I think you should go for it. My best friend and room mate of 2 years got diagnosed with RA freshman year of college. She's in an extremely demanding program and working in a lab with live bacteria, and so far has been in remission for almost 3 years and hasn't had any illness that's even needed a basic antibiotic. she had to play around with different drugs/doses, but once those got straightened out she's been symptom free and functions totally normally. it can be done :)

I would not make a decision until I had exhausted all means of investigation and have given it a great deal of thought. BTW, once worked with a nurse who had a severe case. She found a job working in an advice call center and did home care. When things got too bad for her to be at work, she took off. She made a comment one time, that she had no intention of ceasing to exist because of her illness.

I saw my doctor today and am feeling better about things. Still nervous about my long-term prognosis and probably will be until after I start treatment and see how it goes. I will know within 3-6 months if the medication will work and is safe for me.

My doctor said that as long as I respond well to treatment and don't have any severe side effects to the medication (Methotrexate), I can go to nursing school in the fall and work in a hospital. She said I would need to take the ordinary precautions of washing my hands and using gloves and masks when necessary, but that I will not be so immunosuppressed that I can't be in that enviornment at all. If I do get sick or injured, I will need to contact her - probably for preventative antibiotics.

So at this point, I'm continuing with my spring classes (A&P II and Logic/Critical Reasoning) and finishing up the application process. And hoping and praying for the best.