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I'm an RN student at Trinity Western Univeristy in British Columbia, Canada.

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    Cut my losses now?

    I just Googled "nurse with RA" (with the quotation marks), and got a bunch of hits, several from our own allnurses.com. The stories and experiences of other nurses with RA may help you with your decision-making. And if you do decide to keep going, I encourage you to contact some of them to have some support from people who understand.
  2. BTW, here's the BC Bedline website if you want more info: https://www.bcbedline.ca/
  3. Wow! It's much different up here. I work in British Columbia (BC), Canada. For the past two summers, I've worked in an extremely rural area, and had several patients medevaced by plane to a larger city due to critical illness/injury. The way it works in this province is that the physician caring for the patient calls BC Bedline, which is a program/organization that co-ordinates transfers between hospitals in BC. BC Bedline calls us back when they find a hospital with a bed in the appropriate hospital and ward (e.g. a Children's hospital, or a major trauma centre, or ...). Then BC Bedline co-ordinates a physician-to-physician report, so the information isn't diluted or mixed up, as you mentioned happens with your patients. BC Bedline also co-ordinates the transportation, getting the appropriate paramedics (even physicians if needed) on the appropriate medevac plane, and sends them up to us to collect the patient.
  4. CanuckNurse1

    TKA - Muslim pt kneeling to pray?

    Thanks, Dianah :)
  5. CanuckNurse1

    TKA - Muslim pt kneeling to pray?

    Thanks to Jahra for the info (I don't have PM privileges yet, so I can't PM you back). Is there somewhere I should be posting to get feedback about alternatives to kneeling for Muslim patients? Can this post be moved to the general discussions?
  6. CanuckNurse1

    TKA - Muslim pt kneeling to pray?

    This is a hypothetical situation for a class presentation to my surgical nursing class, 4th year students. A Muslim patient is admitted for a total knee replacement. What can I, as a nurse, do to help him fulfill the Muslim requirement of kneeling 5 times/day to pray? How soon after a TKA would a patient be able to kneel for long enough to pray? Are there other options in the Muslim religion to fulfill this requirement, or allowance for situations like this where it's not possible to fulfill the requirements? Thanks! -Christine