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my current np job is three days a week at a primary care office. I had my 1st 3 mo eval and they stated they cannot put me up to full time until i see approx 17 pts a day i am seeing 15 now but started in jan. at 10 ( I am a New FNP). Also, my templete at work in the computer has still not changed so i dont even have 17 slots in my templete the secretaries up front have to push f6 to obtain more appts for me and as busy as our office is i dont think they remember to do this...i have told them to come to me if they want to do any same day sick but i feel i have been there 6 months and if they aren't going to change my template for me to have the opportunity to see 17 patients then i feel i am being backed against a wall and they are hanging it over my head. i applied to different positions but let me know what you think???I also supplement my income by being a RN in the ED on sat and sun...since i can't afford just 3 days a week w/ no perks....

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Hmmm - what about changing the appt template? That would seem to be the easiest way. I would assume the docs have more than 17 slots? Then just have the clerks change you to the docs schedule.

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why did you take a p/t position when you wanted f/t? If you want f/t at this place you will have to speed up. We have all been here before, it is difficult in the beginning to think about seeing more than 15 pt/day. Try getting the pt out the door with scripts, orders, etc. and finish charting later. I think that is what most of us have done. It is the only way to increase volume, unfortunately you end up working more hours but it is difficult to see a pt in a 15 minute slot and get everything done.


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um, wow...if primary care expects u to see 17 patients/day...

i wonder how our hospital

can expect us to see 21-28 complex acute care patients(with multiple med problems) in our 7.5 hr day when they are disbursed throughout the hospital

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