Curious: What do you like and dislike about the selection of scrubs on the market?

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I'm curious to know what other nurses think about the selection of scrubs available on the current market? (eg. Fit, style, color, breathability...)

I found something I liked as soon as I graduated and I'll keep wearing it as long as they keep making it. I've had no interest in shopping around for anything else over the past eight years.

I have been disappointed when my favorite brand changed the type of fabric used for the style I had been set on. Any move to "cheesiness" and increased price is never welcome. I also don't like when a company goes belly up or merges with another company and then they get absorbed into non-existence with a less functional website to boot. I don't like when shipping charges make buying online an exercise in wealth distribution.

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I love me some good broken-in OR scrubs. If they could make those in Navy (already broken-in and soft) then I would be happy. I don't need super tight, stretchy, polyester scrubs. That's prob why I've stuck with basic Urbane and Blue Sky scrubs.

These high-end scrubs like FIGS and god, who had $45+ dollars to spend on scrub singles?! I guess if you have the salary to do that, fantastic... but I just don't understand it! I'll just be over here, thinking my $28 Purple Label scrubs are faaaancy.

I'm not sure if it's really a trend, but the asymmetrical/creative necklines bother me. I don't have much cleavage to speak of, so gaping when leaning over a patient can be a big problem - I wont buy something online without trying it on first. I mean, I like feeling fashionable and looking polished, but give me a standard high-v neck top any day.

I like that they now have some give, aren't having to starch them.. Yep , I'm that old. Often they lack design elements though. When we wore white, there were all sorts of patterns, not as much today. I like the fabrics better, they repel stains better.

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On 9/5/2018 at 3:28 PM, Possum_RN said:

These high-end scrubs like FIGS and god, who had $45+ dollars to spend on scrub singles?!

I do/did. Figs are VERY pricey but it's money well spent. Fabric is soft and texture "feels" like good quality, and it just looks so fresh. Not only that, but I am digging my Figs scrub joggers. Basically feels like I'm going to the gym, but at work haha. Anyways, yes, Figs are pricey, but the topic of "who has ____ to spend on ___" applies to everything. Shoes, purses, jewelry, etc. Just buy and wear what you like.

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I hate that everything has mostly polyester. I get very HOT at work and need cotton. I like the stretchiness with spandex.. but need to cotton to keep me cooler. I am a bigger lady 5'9 265 lbs and perimenopausal (hot Flashes) so polyester fabrics cause me extra cookery I don't need.

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