Curious about program cumulative clinical hours...


Hi all,

I was just re-reading my school's admission book, it says that my program has a total of 625.5 clinical hours upon finishing the RN program.

Is this comparable to everywhere else? I chose this school because of the hands on learning and clinical time, but I was wondering if this is the average.

Mine is a little over 1000 (112 per class, 9 classes).


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We have 1000 hrs., but our program runs longer than some. We do 6 semesters of nursing classes.


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I attend a CC in Indiana and we have approx. 900 hours. This is for an ASN program that is only 4 semesters. :)

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Over 5 semesters - a little over 1100 hours.

Mandarella, I'm curious -- what were the totals of clinical hours at other programs you looked at?

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I am in a BSN program and we have about 900 clinical hours.


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3 semesters approx. 650 clinical hrs

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