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Hey I just took the Nclex-RN and my computer shut off at 75 questions. It seemed as though I had 90% pharm questions and the rest priority. No math/drug calcs...anyone have similiar experience and pass????:icon_roll

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I got 75 and passed. I know people who got 75 and failed though. That was 7 years ago though. Seems like all my questions were pharm, psych, OB and priority. I don't remember doing any math or drug calculations either.

Good luck! I hope you passed. I bet you're glad it's over huh? I know I was.

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The number and type of questions do not have any bearing on pass or fail. Congrats on getting it over with and good luck for your results!


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I found out I passed 48 hrs later...happy to be done!


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:ancong!: I know you are relieved!


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Man I am really glad to read your post. It's seemed like my exam was all med questions too!! I thought for sure that meant I failed because the others all seemed to have mostly priority. I hope I passed too!!! :uhoh3:

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Mine was mostly priority, with no calculations at all. The only med questions were of meds that i have never heard of. There were a few delegation, a few that asked about patho type stuff..It cut off at 75, and i feel very unconfident right now...a long 48 hours wait for me!

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Took NCLEX in June 2007, computer shut down after 90 minutes of test taking, 10-12 questions I had to guess at because seemed there was no possible answer, there was one calculation question, several drug questions, and the rest were priority questions. I was ready to take the test again because totally belived that I had flunked... even after a got my result I could not belive it!!! :uhoh3:


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I have taken the test a few times. unfortunately I have not seen the word pass yet. I am not giving up tough. I have had 250, 80, 220 questions all before. I have tried Kaplan, ATI, and now hope suzanne's plan will help me as well.

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