CUNY Queensborough (QCC) - Spring 2022

by mostafa.M mostafa.M (New) New Pre-Student

Hello Everybody, I'm creating this post in order to follow up with each other regarding the application to nursing program at 

CUNY Queensborough (QCC) - Spring 2022 which will open in October 2021 
please post your GPA, Pax Score if you don't mind. 
I want also to know if anybody knows how the speech test is? 
I suppose to  take it, but I don't have an idea about it.


Hey there! I just applied today shortly after it turned 12am. My GPA is 3.6 and I was placed in the 80th percentage tile. I'm nervous whether I will be accepted or not but I hope I do 🙂

FYI 'Completed the Speech Placement Test. Students may arrange for speech testing by contacting Department of Speech Communication by email at: or (Subject on email: SPEECH PLACEMENT TEST). Speech evaluation is required for all Nursing applicants. SP-007 may be recommended.'

I have taken this short test. Takes only 3 mins, all you have to do is read a paragraph. Good luck. 

thank you for replay , I have just book this test , and will be on Friday .
could you please tell me how did you know that you placed on 80 percentage title .
I have a prerequisites GPA 3.72 and over all GPA 3.63 but I have a low pax score 115 I'm worry too .
please keep in touch .
Also I have many other medical qualification and certificates do you think that can help . 

The deadline is on the 22nd so make sure you turn it in on time. 115 is 67 percentage tile. I'm not too sure if having qualifications can help but one can hope? 🙂 

thank you , I wish you best of luck .

do you know if this percentage general for everybody took that NLN-PAX or it rank  people who applying to this specific school .

everyone not for a specific school.

Anyone get their nursing interview date yet? 

My friend got an interview date for next Friday, I’m still waiting for mine 😅

Oh wow. How lucky! You and I are on a same boat. Let's hope we get it as well 🙂

I just received the letter for an interview.