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CSUSM admitted as "Pre-nursing"??


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Hi all,

I'm a transfer student applying to CSUSM's TBSN program for Fall 2020. I just checked my application status on my student portal and it says I've been admitted into the major "Pre-nursing BS". I'm not sure if this means I've been accepted into the nursing program, or just conditionally admitted to the school and still waiting to hear from the nursing program specifically? I seem to get different answers from every person I speak to from admissions, so just wondering if any of you have had a similar experience..?


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It means that you are intending on majoring in Nursing (taking pre-req classes), but not officially accepted into the Nursing program. You are accepted into the school, but not accepted into the Nursing program.

I got that email as well and I'm wondering the same thing too.

Michelle West

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Wondering if anyone has heard anything from them yet? I know they said they're sending out notifications tomorrow (22nd) but I'm so eager to hear!!

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