CSULB Spring 2021


Hello everyone,

Hopefully, this forum is found by people that are applying to CSULB for Spring 2021. We can share stats, updates, questions, and any other information related to the nursing program. I hope to talk to you all soon!


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I can start off with my stats that I will be applying with:

Science GPA: 4.0 (4pts)

GE GPA: 4.0 (2pts)

TEAS(overall): 90.7%(1.814pts)

TEAS(reading): 85.1%(1.702pts)

Overall: 9.516 pts

Hi @iBeArsh! I’m so glad u created this forum haha! I will be getting my TEAS score very soon and I’ll for sure share my stats here :)) Btw, are you applying to any other school other than Csulb?

hey @Mochishibs, I'm glad you found this :). I hope others find this soon as well LOL. I think I will apply only to csulb. I'm not sure of any other nursing programs that are accepting during the Spring. I would love to apply to others though. Are you applying to other schools? If so, which ones?

@iBeArsh same here, I was still searching which school is open to transfer student during Spring. But if anything, I’ll just apply only to csulb. Hope we get the chance to become classmates tho! :D

@Mochishibs yeah I think csulb will probably end up being the only school I apply to. Are you a current csulb pre-nursing student too? I hope we both make it!

@iBeArsh I’m not a current csulb student, I’m a transfer student from Pasadena instead. And yes, hope the best of luck for both of us!

Hi, I am a transfer student too! I am retaking my TEAS soon ! So I will be sharing my stats soon LOL I am also applying to some ADNs as a back up, but I really hope I get into CSULB...

@BREN_1599 good luck to you on the TEAS! I hope we all get into CSULB nursing school!! What ADN schools are you looking into?

Hii @BREN_1599, same here! I'm preparing for my test and will take it around mid-august. Hbu? and which ADN schools you're gonna apply to?

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@Mochishibs @iBeArsh Thank you! I hope we all get in as well and become classmates! I'm applying to rio, lbcc, rcc, lahc, lacc, chaffey, and I think cypress maybe. I'm trying not to put all my eggs in one basket LOL I really don't want to miss a year! but I'm taking my TEAS the end of this month @Mochishibs,so good luck to us!

Hi everyone! Will be applying as well, good luck to us all. WE GOT THIS!