CSUCI 2014

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Applications were turned in already,but did anyone apply? I currently attend CI so I'm keeping my fingers crossed! It's really a beautiful campus with so much to offer.

Hi! I applied but am not confident with my chances since I am not their student/living in VC/not sure if my Spanish experience will count.

Good luck! Camarillo is a great place.

I also applied to CSUCI as well. I am not too confident tho cause i currently dont live/nor attend Channel Islands. and i believe they only accept around 30 students if i heard correctly?:(

I applied! Only 36 more days to find out if we're in ;) what was your point total?

36 days? I can barely take the wait. I, too, have been denied admission to CSULB. I even sent an email to Monalisa, and she said that the cut-off score was 9.35. So, i am just waiting for CSULA and CSUCI.

For CSUCI, my raw score was 34, but because of one unknowing withdraw I had, it brought me down to 33. My experience as a CNA did give me a little boost. But what the heck, for all we know the cut score for next admits might be much higher.

Anybody else wants to share their stats?

And last but not the least, Best of luck to us all!

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how many emails from the nursing dept have you received? the first email they sent me said a conformation email would be sent when the application was complete and again when they received the supplemental criteria...but ive not had any further emails...and i have nothing to do but stress about it

I also received a confirmation email stating that I have completed the online application, however, it also said that they will send an email only if we were removed from the applicant pool because of incomplete application etc. But now I am uncertain. ohh

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yea i think im just stressing out

Has anyone received a letter yet? I've heard of a few people who have and is making me more anxious.I've heard that they are accepting more people this cohort but I'm not entirely sure if it's true.

what are your calculated points?--If I remember correctly I had 38 points, but I'm not too sure if it was or not.

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by my count i had 40, didnt get in

I received my letter on Saturday the 5th. I'm on the alternate list.

Hi, Just wondering what is your count? Any updates on your status?

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