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Hey everyone!

I know its a bit early but time flies fast and I pretty nervous so I'm sure other people are too. Is anyone applying to CSUCI this upcoming semester for fall 2019? Just wanted to make this so we can talk about goals, nerves, points, and ask questions! Also, if there are any current or past CSUCI nursing students...any advice? Hope to hear from u guys!

Hey! Im a freshman at CI and I am planning on applying for fall 2019. I'm super nervous too lol.

Hi! Me too!!! Im a transfer student really hoping to get in!! CI is my top choice and Im super nervous

Oh cool! Do you know the range of points people have that usually get accepted? Like above a 32 or something like that?

yeah from what I have seen its been around 30 and above!

Oh thats not to bad, depending on my final gpa I have 33-35 points. How about you?

I tried to get as many points possible and I am at 33 points. Hopefully its good enough even though I'm not a CI student

I heard that if you were at 31 than you were at the cups and mid thirties is golden

Hopefully with 33 I am okay, I got points in every way I could.

Prerequisite GPA - 4.0 (10 ponts)

Overall GPA - 4.0 (6 points)

TEAS - all 11 points

Proficiency in a second language - 4 points

Volunteering hours - 2 points

that leaves me at 33 points. Im not a CI student and I don't have work experience, a prior bachelors degree, or military so I cant get those points. Hopefully I am completive enough!

I'm a little concerned about how the points scale will be different this time around. I've been checking in on CI for a while now to make sure I'm staying on track with my supplemental points, but they removed the "region" points for the 2019 admission cycle, which removes 4 points from my application and lowers how competitive I am potentially :(

Anyone else notice this? Thoughts?

I haven't noticed! What was the region section?

Up until this admission cycle, the points were different. The requirements for being a current CSUCI student were not as strict. There were different points for language proficiency. And you were awarded points for being a resident in certain cities near CSUCI. Now they seem to have removed or changed those (dropping my application by about 4 points) which is worrying me! I hope other people leave some feedback soon. I'm going to attempt to take the CLEP for the second language points, but that now leaves my application points in the 20's instead of 30's. :(

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