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CSU Los Angeles School of Nursing (CSULA Fall 2012)

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I couldn't get much info since they all seemed really busy and I'm not sure if what they're telling me is the truth. I get the feeling they are just telling me BS so I'll stop asking questions. For what it's worth, here's what they told me.They're not done sending out all the emails and not in any specific order. Theyre trying to finish everything before the May 1st deadline so the ppl who aren't getting in won't have to waste their money. One person told me that she is guesstimating the cutoff score will be 22. While the main person says she doesn't know. As far my file, she didn't have time to go over it with me and said she'll call me later so I left my phone number with her.

Good info abode. Did anyone get emails today? Dark u could have waited until Monday at the latest to pay for the deposit

DarkBluePhoenix specializes in Med-Surg/DOU/Ortho/Onc/Rehab/ER/.

ah i know...i am not very patient. but if they are sending them out in 'waves' then i bet they are sending out a batch every few days or few weeks. if a few people are declining already then i bet they are going to wait to see how many more people have declined. it seems a lot of people know of at least one or two people who got in late in the summer with VERY low points. maybe it could be me?

i hope the cut off score isn't that high. that is waaaaaaaaaaaaay higher than the '17' of last year.

@spiffy: you should have received an email regarding CSULA decision. Your points were wayy more than enough to get you a spot.

well at least my deposit is there so that they can see i paid it and are willing to...wait?

@ella: congrats! and thank you for letting them know that you have opened a spot for someone else! enjoy CSULBs program!

@abode: thx for taking one for the team!


this whole situation is just. emotionally draining. apparently hard work doesn't pay off...at least for me it doesn't

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add crap here there and over there

DarkBluePhoenix specializes in Med-Surg/DOU/Ortho/Onc/Rehab/ER/.

i would like to add the irony (at least for my recent situations)


denied from admissions

interviewed for program

overall status: denied


accepted by admission

mostly likely denied from programs

overall status:wasted my time (and denied)

wow....talk about....my typical luck....

@ dark. I wish I could do more to help the team. The fight is not over yet, it just began. LolI know it's hard to do but let's stay positive ppl. I for one can say that I've learned alot about myself during my endeavors of becoming a nurse. So it wasnt all that bad as ive improved myself ALOT. Worst case scenario, I'll just retake the TEAS and reapply next year. My grades are there, it's just the TEAS that messed me up. Who knows, maybe I'll magically get a letter soon. All I know is that I feel like a psycho at the moment trying to control a situation I have no control over. I need to detach a little bit. Time to say hello to my friend johnnie walker and his buddy Hennessy for a weekend of fun

DarkBluePhoenix specializes in Med-Surg/DOU/Ortho/Onc/Rehab/ER/.

If they were sending more emails, they would have sent them already. I guess I am out of the running...

This is goodbye guys!

Have fun for those in the program. For those that didn't make it...There is always next year. There is always ADN programs. There is always getting a bachelors and then getting into an ABSN program or EL-MSN program.

I wish I could have joined you all. I would have really liked to get into this school because its high pass rate and the fact that it is the closest BSN program for me. Maybe I will consider WCU. I don't know.

Well. Enjoy the program!


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