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CSU Los Angeles School of Nursing (CSULA Fall 2012)

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Oh really? The day before class starts? How do they expect you to do clinicals if you dont know what vaccines to get?! Weird...

And i would be antsy too if I havent received anything yet. I barely got my letter last week. CSUSB posts a list up of accepted students and they posted it up super early. I saw the pic on our thread but I drove down there and wanted to see it myself. There my name was, smack dab in the middle lol.

Ya we have orientation 8/7 and then a bbq for new students presented by the nursing club a few days later. I know how you feel, I have all this time on my hands with nothing to do but work. I can't go out much because I am broke and trying to save so I just sit around waiting to hear the next step. I want to start making doc appts to get my vaccines and get started on the drug test and background check but most programs have forms for the docs and stuff to sign.

I actually got accepted to RCCs program before I even heard from CSUSB and I went to their orientation. I got a lot of info of what they expected of their students and what is needed for clinicals and stuff. It was very overwhelming! But at least I got my culture shock done already. I can walk into CSUSB orientation and have already seen what they most likely expect. The only positive thing is that orientation is early enough that I can everything done before the start of school in late Sept. I think we start clinicals the 5th week or so?

I am actually really excited and want to start ASAP! I basically want summer to be over and school to start now (I say that now, but wait until the program actually starts, I bet I will be putting my foot in my mouth). I have already been kinda school shopping (I am a nerd and love school shopping time!) and was at B&N today looking at NCLEX books to start glancing at. Wow I have no life lol...

Anyway...I really hope you get your packet. I would just ask if you can drive down there and get it. Sounds like they are very behind. Tell'em to hurry up already!

Dang...your school sounds nice..bbq party! Sigh!!!

DarkBluePhoenix specializes in Med-Surg/DOU/Ortho/Onc/Rehab/ER/.

hahahh i know right? party up before the end of social life starts!


Thanks for the advice!

What classes did you take your first semester?

I am not sure what classes to take and I just found out that I also have to take the chemistry placement exam which I am nervous to take because I am afraid I might not pass it.

@jumpingfish: No problem, anytime! My first semester I took English 101, Chemistry 151, HHS 101, and another course...which I cannot remember at the top of my head at this moment (sorry!). But really, do not sweat the placement exam...it's not even that hard. You can miss 5/6 I believe? And there is also a sheet at the testing center which I recommend you go over and do the problems because it really does help. And I think you can take the placement exam a few times, but get it over with and do it soon. I think the permit once you pass the entrance exam for chem is 1 year or something.

Good luck! Check out the roadmaps for nursing and follow that. I suggest you map out your entire 2 years and see what classes to take. It's good to pick them early so you know what your choices are and you're not rushing to pick your courses a week ahead of time. Just plan, follow your roadmap and you should be okay. It may seem like a long 2 years, but it will definitely go by quick. No matter what, don't give up and do your best. That's all that counts


I am an incoming freshmen at csula. Bio 200 a is only available during fall 2012 but it's all full): what should I do? Take it during my sophomore year ? Would that be too late?

hi bigalow,

Can you let me know what happened to you? Did you end up going to CSULA or any other school? I have an expunged shoplifting misdemeanor from 10 years ago and wanted to know what happens.


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