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CSU Los Angeles School of Nursing (CSULA Fall 2012)

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wow nice information you pulled out joyest. Great job. Hopefully, I still have a chance to get in then.


Thanks. I couldn't just walk around school thinking about it...had to do something about it.

Hopefully it helped..

Nice information joyest! I see they accepted 60 students which is better than 40. Did anyone else here get an email today?

Hello everyone in the same boat,

I spoke with ----- today and asked regarding this matter.

She said that emails were sent out around yesterday and will be done hopefully (she emphasized) by tomorrow or end of tomorrow.

Also, I asked whether acceptance is only received by e-mail first and she said it depends, it could be sent out by e-mail and/or letter first.

And, I asked how many students can be in the program and she said 60.

Lastly, I had to get this out of her but I asked whats the average/lowest score of acceptance and she said "i don't know...i don't know..." but I just said AROUNDDD.. and she said. "maybe 22.., I can't say because whoever doesn't accept the acceptance will bump down the score..meaning if a student with 22 or 23 declined, it might lower to 20~21.

At least that's what I got from her explanation..

As much as its stressful and hard not to think about it, hang on tight.

That's all we can do.

I went in and asked the exact same questions to ------ and got the exact same answers about everything. I wanted to know because my friend with a 25 didn't get his acceptance yet and she made it clear that the cutoff for acceptances was 22. She said they sent some by letters but they've already made their final decisions. The letters however might take a day or two to finish but they want to make sure everyone can confirm by May 1st. The alternates for the wait list will just have to wait to hear anything until people decide they don't want to go to csula for nursing. And I asked her if they were going to be short on clinical spots but she said that there is no way they would accept a higher number of students than they would have spots for. They like to accommodate every one of their students and make sure they graduate on time. So idk if thats a rumor or something but its not the case with csula.

But the final thing she stressed about was that she hoped that anyone who didn't want their spot should tell her asap so she can relay the news to another hopeful applicant since she knows that the wait can be stressful. In her experience, some people just never sent in their letters so they never knew if they wanted their spots or not and the alternates were only informed a couple weeks before school started. So yeah anyone who doesn't want their spot should definitely tell csula son asap!

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well i feel like an idiot. The letter was in my spam mail! YES!!!


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