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Has anybody ever worked as a nurse for a cruise line?? How was it? I am seriously considering doing this and would like feedback from some one who has done this.

Have been considering cruise nursing and was wondering if you have recieved any useful information on the subject. Please email me at [email protected]


There was a very good article in Health travel magazine the Sept/Oct issue you can find that on the web @

Just saw this thread for the first time today. I have experience with cruise ship nursing and am happy to share info on requirements, etc. You can PM me for details.

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I had considered it once but the only line that wanted me was the new (at that time) Disney line, and the pay was really lousy and I decided I didn't want to work on a "family" oriented (i.e., lots of kids) line. The other thing I wasn't sure about, and one of the reasons I didn't have as many takers, is that I'm an ICU nurse and not an ER nurse. I don't have a lot of that "ER" type experience, so I didn't feel 100% comfortable witht that.

I gathered tons of info and contacts for it, like I do with most everything in my life. I'd still do it, but maybe not right now.

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I have experience with cruise ship nursing and am happy to share info on requirements, etc. You can PM me for details.

Stargazer, are you still out there?

I have been considering this option and would like to know what your experience is. It is true that the pay is very low?

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I would love to do that. I have only done traveling home health.


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I'd probably spend most of my time being my own patient.......I get seasick so easily, I'd have to stay in a Dramamine haze through the whole voyage to keep my stomach where it belongs!:stone

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.......I get seasick so easily

Not very likely; those ships have huge stabalizers, they hardly roll at all. It they did those big, elaborate stage shows, with acrobatics etc., would be impossible.

I have a good friend of mine who had worked on cruise ship. She stated to me that this was the hardest job EVER she had ever did. 24/7 always on the go. Have 3000-5000 people on ship with one MD and two staff nurses. Like a small city. She said she was not allowed to interact with the guests on her off time and was confined to employee areas only. Very boring on little time off. Usually NEVER got to go onto shore during dock times at a cool place. She explained to me that if I really want to enjoy the Caribbean, to work in an island resort. Some resorts are so huge that they staff nurses to take care of minor scrapes and bumps.

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hardest job EVER she had ever did. 24/7 always on the go.

It's true, they do have a lot of "on call" time but it isn't true that they don't get to go ashore. I talked with a cruise ship nurse who accompanied a "guest" to our ED once and she told me they did get a chance to visit in ports of call, but that they did keep pretty long hours.

As for mingling with the guests, I doubt if I'd be interested in doing that anyway. I'd prefer to just hang with the crew and take walks on deck; which I'm sure your allowed to do.

As for being all call all the time I guess it wouldn't matter much, since your always there and there is nothing else to do. The just wonder about the pay. I don't think you pay taxes, because your not in the US, and you don't have any expenses. My only expense would be my mortgage. Should be able to save enough to work several months, get it out of the way, then kick back for several months.

I'm going on a cruise in April, I plan to visit the sick bay and talk with the nurses there.

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Bump. Im interested in anyone else's more recent experiences.

Thanks ahead of time!


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