CRNE, duration of further education in Alberta and Ontario?

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I'm a RN in Philippines and planning to migrate to Canada by early next year. I was advised to apply for CRNE while I'm still here since it takes months to complete the process. I was wondering if it's true that if I apply in Ontario, I will have to do further studies for approximately 2 years? :eek:

I am up to going to school again, but only if I'll have to do it for a few months or a year at most. I understand it depends on the result of the assessment of my nursing credentials. I'm only hoping someone would be able to give me an idea, more or less, how long it would take for someone like me, who's from Phlippines, to finish the required courses? I am thinking of sitting CRNE in Alberta if it'll be that way in Ontario. Is it the same? I have read a thread saying that Saskatchewan and Alberta are "open" provinces, unlike Ontario. I'm not sure what that meant. I know a couple of friends (a RN in Philippines) who applied for CRNE in Saskatchewan, and Nova scotia and they did not have to do further studies to be eligible for CRNE. I'm wondering if it's the same in Alberta?

I have great difficulty deciding where to apply for CRNE. I would rather choose a province where my nursing credentials would at least be close to the province's nursing standard. I am also willing to do further education if needed,but if i can find a place that would suit my lifestyle better (close to it), and also not as long as 2 years schooling, i would much rather go for that. Sorry if i seem picky. I just want to know my options and have a heads up on what I'm going to be facing if i choose to apply CRNE in a certain province. My first choice is Ontario, then Alberta, and now I'm considering Saskatchewan since it might not need to do further education and just take the exam after assessment.

Sorry for this questions. I just need help with this and for someone knowledgeable to clarity this for me so i can have a wise decision as to where I'll work and live when I get there.

Any input from fellow Filipinos who have gone thru the process in Alberta and Ontario would be very much helpful. And also anyone out there who can enlighten me, please do. :)

Thank you very much!

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The thing is even if you apply to another province and pass CRNE you will still be assessed when moving province and still may have to do courses etc. Be aware that SRNA is working approx 12 months behind and we have Philippine nurses that applied last year still waiting to be assessed.

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Remember that you are NOT applying to write the CRNE, you ARE applying for registration as a nurse in a given province. The CRNE is but one part of the registration process. Most IENs are finding that process to require a minimum of 6 months to complete, and many have found it to take a year or more.

Whether or not you'll need more education will depend on where you went to school more than anything else. Most provinces have some sort of substantially-equivalent competence assessment whether they call it that or not. The most popular destinations for Filipino immigrants are British Columbia and Ontario, with Alberta following close behind. Nusring education standards across the three provinces are essentially identical.

The bigger problem for IENs these days is that there are no jobs available for them. Canadian nurses are having trouble finding work in their own home towns. In years past when this sort of situation arose, many Canadian grads went to the US but that avenue isn't an option this time around. So any job you apply for will see you competing with a good number of local underemployed nurses.



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thank you for the correction, janfrn.

Oh wow! 12 months?! I read from a thread earlier that this person applied in Saskatchewan and he/she got his/her eligibility a month or two after submitting the documents needed for assessment. but i guess this is the recent status with the applications for saskatchewan?

Yes, i've read a few posts regarding unemployment in Canada even for nurses. but since my immigrant visa is already processed and if all goes well, i'll be able to move by early next year. I guess I can just settle for whatever job i can find when I get there until I'll be able to find an employer. For now, I guess I'll just have to focus on getting myself registered as a RN and prepare myself for the exam. Problem is, i don't even know which province is best for me to register myself in.

Back to my original question, do any of you have any idea how long it might take for me to finish the additional courses i'm gonna need to take if i apply in Ontario? just an estimate... based on what you know from other people? coz most likely i might have to do further studies in Ontario, BC, or Alberta as what i have learned from some people.


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The correct answer is NOBODY here will know. Each applicant's education is reviewed and then you are notified by CNO. They decide in what areas you are lacking and need to work on.