Im a new nurse, have 1 year critical care experience and BSN degree.

Im confused whether I will continue my education to become CRNA or NP.

Both are 2 yrs program.

Pls help me..

I have no idea how to become NP.. nor CRNA..

Whats pros and cons.


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I am in the same situation. I am in a BSN program and I am not sure which way to go after graduating...Acute care Nurse practitioner ( which seems to be the quicker, easier, less paid option) Or go to CRNA school (more competitive, more intense, more $$) I would like to do either so is it worth the time/energy to become a CRNA?? I am also curious about job opportunities for NPs. I do not want to work in an office environment. I want to be in an ICU, ER, OR or this common jobs for an NP? This is a huge choice and i dont want to make a mistake

Good luck to You~!~

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The roles of NP and CRNA are very different. I would recommend shadowing both NPs and CNRAs in different instititions (NPs in two different settings, CNRA in different settings) so that you can focus more on what the role entails.

If you like the NP role, then the next step would be to see what type of NP you want to be. If you like an ICU setting, then this would likely be an ACNP. Again, observe how NPs practice in different settings (so that you are not just looking at one person or one medical center).

Pursuing a graduate degree will likely mean several years (and perhaps tens of thousands of dollars). Do your homework now to see what is the right one for you.

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I completely agree with the previous poster who suggested shadowing to learn more about what these jobs entail.

I know that 'everyone' seems to be pushing NP education, but I am not seeing where those great career opportunities are going to be. Hospitals are not hiring them - they don't need to because they can do internal credentialing processes that enable nurses to perform many of the same competencies - without the additional salary expense. NPs in clinics are locked in to a very routine environment, and the salary is not that great (at least in this area).

CRNA schools are very difficult to get into - and the programs are all-consuming so that working is usually not an option during this time. Jobs do pay well, but expenses may need to be factored in.

If you are interested in a graduate degree and career advancement, have you considered non-clinical options such as education, education or informatics?

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What is the role of informatics, and what is the outlook on that area.