crna with ged?


hello, i have a G.E.D and i am about to start a asn and then a bsn.

I was wondering if i could still become a crna with a ged. i plan on getting very high scores in nursing.

is it possible?


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I am currently in LPN school but I have my GED and it has never stopped me from doing anything I wanted to do. More power to you. No one ever knows the circumstances behind why you got it. They call it a graduation equivalent for a reason...


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yes you can. They don't ask for high school records. Plan on getting A's in college though.

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thanks alot guys!

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I just wanted to wish you luck.


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I have a GED and will graduate from TWU's CRNA program December you sure can.

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congrats to you..i have a ged and you inspire me.

i have a ged and will graduate from twu's crna program december you sure can.


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My BSN program never asked for high school records. Masters programs don't either. As long as you have earned a certain number of college credits, it doesn't matter how you got in when you apply somewhere else. If you earn an ADN, no one at the BSN bridge programs will give a darn whether you have a GED or were valedictorian at Exeter. I wish you the best in fulfilling your dreams!

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