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CRNA application for Barry University May 2020

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@JKRenee hey, I would submit your application ASAP... just write on your personal statement paper the class ur taking and u still need to take the Gre.. good luck ๐Ÿ™‚

estiles specializes in PICU and PACU.

Yes I did just submit it!! I am taking my CCRN next month and in the CCRN section i just wrote a word document stating that I am taking my CCRN next month! And I am July 26th!! I put my top pick as WPB!

congrats on getting invited for an interview. I heard that in the past everyone who was invited for an interview was pretty much offered admission.

Hey all! Congrats on those whoโ€™ve received invitations to interview. For the personal statement, did you all just paste the link to the article they ask for or did you add more to that. I will be submitting this week for the Hollywood campus.

Hi yโ€™all! For those of you who already interviewed, howโ€™d it go? Are they still doing the chemistry exam? Is it more of a โ€œget to know youโ€ style interview? @estiles @candycrush890

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