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Critical Thinking

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A: What happened to common sense? It's not so common anymore.

B: Hiya! I'm an LVN instructor here in smoggy 'ol Southern California. Does anyone out there know a website where I can get some general medical critical thinking questions for my students? They really need help with common sense/critical thinking skills.


--Terri icon10.gif :Melody:

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"I had Moses as a patient"......? :rotfl:

Don't know of any sites for you but I love that line!! :groupwelcome:

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Well, I don't know a web site, but I can think of a few questions -- They may seem stupid, but there are nursing students who have had these issues:

1. You try to listen to pt's heart, can't hear any heartbeat. What do you need to assess?

(Is patient awake, talking? Pt is probably alive. Is patient obese? Is steth in the right spot? Is the head of the steth turned the right way? Are your ear pieces in right? )

2. Pt's temp is 95 on a tympanic thermometer.

(Did you take temp again? Do you have thermometer positioned correctly? Did you try taking temp with a different type of thermometer? Alternatively, if an oral temp, did pt just drink ice water?)

3. Pt has low or no urine output in foley.

(Is foley kinked? Is pt in any distress?)

4. Pt's BP is 70/40. What do you do?

(Is pt alert? Any mottling of extremities? Is pt post-op? Septic? BP cuff too big for little skinny lady? Did you take BP again? On other arm?)

5. Tele alarm keeps going off. Tele monitor calls, says pt is in Vtach. What do you do?

(Is pt awake, alert? In distress? Get someone to help who can read EKG. Is pt moving around in bed? Or, my favorite, is pt tapping himself on chest, making it look like v-tach?)

6. Pt has rash all over body. Pt was exposed to scabies. Dr. says it is not scabies What do you do?

(Gown up! Use gloves! Ask doc to revisit the issue!)

7. You have a funny feeling something's not right with the patient, but you can't put it into words. What do you do?

(Get help/charge nurse/instructor. If you think something's wrong, there probably is something wrong. Also, take a set of vital signs.)

8. Pt seems a lot more drowsy and not so alert as this morning. What do you do?

(Don't assume pt is tired. Change of mental status may indicate a problem. Take a set of vital signs. Get help.)

So, these are just some off the top of my head, which seem pretty basic, but realistic.

There was an editor at the City News Bureau in Chicago (now defunct-the bureau, not sure about the editor!) In training new reporters, he allegedly told them, "If your mother says she loves you, check it out."


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Have you tried Intro To Health Care books, how about using a LPN review book and use the questions that geared toward VS, general skills? Just a thought!!

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Call my instructor....she has tons of them!! LOL. AEB: 18 months in school and not one factual question. My head would pound after her tests....I even made my own nursing diagnosis for too much critical thinking

Risk for poor test performance r/t Mrs X's critical thinking tests!!!

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I am a nursing student. I am curious to know if there are any websites where I can answer any critical thinking questions and have a virtual interaction with a patient.

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