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  1. Hi everyone, need a little direction. I'm a new grad
    current focus is NCLEX-RN success, however I've been attempting to find where to start once I pass the hurdle. I'm a medic and have a comfort zone in ER and opportunity, but feel I should start imcu to build foundation than make a choice between er and icu. IMCU is a option because I get a chance to feel a little med surg and critical thinking to build from. I want start direct medsurg because of the itch or crave I have for critical thinking vs tasks. Those experienced critical care RN"s, please chime in to aid with decisions between IMCU, ICU, ER and add experiences please.
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  3. by   meanmaryjean
    Do you have offers from all of these places?
  4. by   Flightmed123
    Thanks for responding. I have an offer to ER only. Will apply to the others once I pass NCLEX prior start. Everyone says ER since the opportunity is there but my gut says IMCU for more bed side and priority experience, than make a choice after foundation of practice at a slower pace. Some say you can go IMCU to ICU to ER, but not the other way around. Need others opinion to weigh in on.
  5. by   Flightmed123
    Made a decision. Thanks for posting!