Is Haloperidol Lactate (short acting) INJECTION administered in ICU

  1. Hi, doing some research and trying to figure out if haloperidol lactate injection is administered for acute episodes of schizophrenia or Tourette's in the ICU, and if yes - how often.
    Please help.
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  3. by   /username
    What is the background/context for your question?
  4. by   elkpark
    Quote from /username
    What is the background/context for your question?
    Apparently, homework. This OP has posted similar questions about use of Haldol IM and IV in multiple other settings, and has mentioned this is for a project for school, IIRC.
  5. by   2Bee
    Yes, thanks elkpark
  6. by   NPOaftermidnight
    I have used Haldol in the ICU (rarely) but never for these conditions.
  7. by   SopranoKris
    The only time I've ever had to administer Haldol in the ICU was for acute agitation when the patient didn't respond to Ativan or Zyprexa and they weren't intubated so we couldn't start Propofol yet. We try to leave it as a last resort, due to the possibility of extrapyramidal side effects.
  8. by   2Bee
    Thank you everyone!
  9. by   ClauICURN
    Yes, for severe agitation in non-intubated patients, where ativan use is ineffective/inappropriate. IIRC up to 5mg IM/IV q6hrs PRN.
  10. by   LovingLife123
    Not IM. I administer it IV. I've given very few IM injections in the ICU.