1. hello..just wondering if any one knows of good resources to study for the CCRN and CMC exam? Books, videos, etc?

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  3. by   RN-SKR
    I took a class from Nicole Kupchik, she was amazing! She has her own books now and I would get them.
    But I also used Laura Gasparis questions book, which were very similar to the actual test.
  4. by   Pheebz777
    I took the CMC literally 3 weeks after I passed the CCRN with no extra books or reading material other than the ones I was already using. Passed the CCRN with a score of 111 (passing I think was 91), but my CMC I passed it only by 2 points and just shook my head in disbelief.
  5. by   jessieCCRN
    I studied CCRN using Pass CCRN questions( reading the book will really take your time, I honestly just studied using their questions). Also, laura gasparis helped me although some people say that it;s not updated anymore.