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My friends and I often get asked why we want to talk about work when we're not there. My answer is usually because I'm a nurse. Now, traditionally I'm supposed to say it's because I love my job, and... Read More

  1. by   coolnurseclubRN
    I know this response is a little late. Please don't get too discouraged. I think every new nurse goes through what you are going through at first. It can be overwhelming, even experienced nurses feel this way at times. I found that as I gained more experience, with that came more gratifying experiences. some instances may even be so subtle you might overlook them. For example... Someone not voicing needs but acting out, or crying, or anxious/restless. You merely speak in a calming voice, touch their hand, reposition them, or wipe their face with a wet cloth, then they suddenly relax and close their eyes. You just made a difference in their life. When you repositioned that foley tubing out from under their leg and made it drain better, you just made a difference. The patients that are calling you names are just trying to hold onto any little bit of control they may have left in caring for themselves. And I just bet you, there's a family member that if they were there would say "Thank you for taking care of my Uncle.... I know he can be difficult and mean and it means so much that you still care for him". All these little things add up and for some reason keep us coming back day after day. The biggest thing I've learned is when you are working with people, anything can happen and if today was bad, tomorrow will be good. In 20 plus years of nursing I have never had more than one bad day at a time. As far as the sexual harassment, if anything makes you uncomfortable in that way, talk to a supervisor or administration and ask how you should deal with this situation. I've found it helpful over the years to write a journal. everyday after work I'd jot down things that affected me that day. Good and bad. I'd look back through my journal and would see how much I'd grown.
    On the other hand, after you've given it some time, and there are many types of nursing jobs. I am an ADN and have gotten calls for interviews as soon as I hit the send button. If you have the means to learn a new career you can do that as well. Just don't Stop being a nurse. You've had to work too hard to get where you are. Just don't give up yet. There is better out there. Its not all roses all the time but nothing ever is.
    Anyway, whatever you choose, I'll be rootin' forya and praying as well. We nurses gotta have each other's backs, right? No one else would understand.
  2. by   jrbl77
    Could have written this myself. Thanks for putting many nurses feelings into words.
  3. by   nancynurse12
    Many people don't always love their jobs. Nurses are not unique in this. I was in Macy's yesterday and the cashier shared that she has to get away from there, she is going out on 4 weeks leave and doesn't plan on returning. Most of us dream of retirement. Vacations help a little but you return to the same situation. We can only try to get in a good frame of mind, be positive and hopefully have a great shift.
  4. by   BeenThere2012
    Beautiful! Very well spoken and true for all of us. Especially the part about mistakes has to be one of my most important issues...and yet we are the end of the line in a long series of events and we take the blame. Yes, we nurses DO, make mistakes, but seems no one else is held accountable when they contribute to them. EVERY study, article, class Ive taken or read on the subject says this. Our laws do not protect us , nor do our BRN's. We are thrown under the bus. This single thing is the reason I have given up on acute care....Intensive Care has been my passion and I was excellent at it. Can you tell I am one of the victims trying to survive the tire marks on my back? I have supported many nurses through the years. My heart aches for them. The only support I can find available is for nurses who divert meds. Nothing for the nurses who made an error. I can't tell you how much I LOVED my profession, but now I am suffering the reality of what happens to some of us...what we all fear.
  5. by   BeenThere2012
    Quote from Nurse199022
    You know, I'm a new nurse, and my job isn't paying me enough, or even giving me enough hours for me to even move out of my parents house. My job is making me pay out of pocket for the equipment I use on the floor (A radio mandatorily used by the facility that I really don't want, and seems really cheap, so I'll have to buy another one from them when it breaks), and to tell you the truth I'm losing a lot of the empathy I had when I first wanted to become a nurse, because I really hate my patients, there I said it. I have been sexually harassed daily by one patient and then told by other staff members 'Oh he does that all the time,'. There are a few patients that I really care about, and then then I have patients that call me every name in the book, because I wanted to change a dressing that was bleeding all over the bed.
    I really regret becoming a nurse, I have no idea how to get out of my situation, this is not what I signed on for when I went to nursing school and went to clinicals. I cry everyday, just knowing that I have to go back to work, and I can't seem to find another job, anywhere; everyone else wants a BSN and experience.
    I really am sorry, for what your experiencing, I really am; don't misunderstand me. And I am venting when I write this, It's just hard, cause I wish I had your problems.
    My heart aches for you. Please consider another specialty. As another said, you have worked too hard for this to give it all up.
  6. by   BeenThere2012
    Quote from Chaffey Student
    Interesting article, but sadly, I won't experience nursing to that extent. I decided I just don't want to deal with the politics, emotions, and all around drama that I experienced in the first year of nursing school.

    I don't have an issue dealing with patients, they're just people with physical problems that need to be fixed. The real problem in nursing is dealing with peers and superiors that expect you to choose sides, or have their own personal issues because of personality conflicts with you. I am who I am, and if that bothers you, too bad.

    On the positive side, I've spent my free time building my AR-15, and I go to the range and enjoy the zen like solice it provides me. The Nursing "profession" can keep the politics, emotions, and drama, and I'll go to the range.
    I hate to tell you this but all profesions have politics, emotions and drama. Business can be back-stabbing and full of politics. Sales and the law often have no ethics. At least nursing has many specialties and settings....I do understand what you are saying, though. What you said is true, just not sure the grass is always greener...