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  1. IVPB Question

    Been an RN for 25 yrs. You did nothing wrong. I'm sure nurses discretion. I've known many nurses, myself included, that would even hang mini bag of saline at TKO, even 10ml/hr just to piggyback antibiotics, more convenient than actually a flush befo...
  2. Only Crusty Old Bats will remember..

    Connecting the dots of the temp readings on the flow sheets kept at bedside. Patients having only one doctor who knew them and their families inside and out. No such thing as hospitalists. Med surgery unit with no IVP meds allowed, Filling out lab ...
  3. Do you ever wish you were a doctor?

    Shoot! I get stressed out enough just doing my scheduled shift. At least I get to go home at the end of my shift and try to " put it away" until my next day
  4. I'd have done the same. Let the ER Docs have that judgement call, reflux vs cardiac. I think your resident and family would agree
  5. I'm So Over Nursing. I would rather work at Costco!!

    I totally agree and have been there. I am one of those. 23 yrs at the same hospital. A little too slow and a little too caring. Patient first. Computer and covering docs a**. I was forced to resign now in LTC. Better, but it is changing too. Ever sin...
  6. I'm So Over Nursing. I would rather work at Costco!!

    Compassion is withering away. So so sad. Does this mean my nurse no longer cares about ME? Only my barcode and my lab values?
  7. Helpful (?) (!) Advice for burns

    Aloe Vera gel if not allergic
  8. Why I'm leaving nursing

    So glad you are young enough to get out and move on. If you go into nursing because you have compassion and really want to take care of sick folks, surprise!, It doesn't work that way anymore. It's all about money, EMR is where it all started. Comput...
  9. What you didn't know

    Wow. Great job. This is the kind of stories this site is for. The only safe place to vent about our profession. Sounds like you are an awesome nurse. Don't ever change. The world will never know but The Powers that be does and that's all that matters...
  10. Do women find male nurses attractive?

    Personally, I've been a nurse for 25+ yrs and that stereotype is finally changing. In my opinion, nearly all the male nurses I've dealt with as peers and as my nurse, have been extremely professional and a lot of times more compassionate than many fe...
  11. A Mother's Day I'll Never Forget

    OMGosh. I don't think anyone fully understand the many things nurses can go through "all in a days work", except other nurses. Well written, thank you for sharing. Gave me goose-bumps, brought tears to my eyes, and prayers to my lips. Yes, "all in a ...
  12. Why Do Nurses Eat Their Own?

    I can relate! I was forced to resign after nearly 20 yrs of service at a hospital which now specializes in hiring only new grads. I once spoke to a nursing instructor who taught clinicals at the hospital I was working for and she said that the wa...
  13. Leaving Bedside Nursing

    How did you come across this job? I am just no longer cut out to be a bedside nurse as I have been for many years. I did enjoy LTC but it too is becoming more and more "standardized", at least regarding RN documentation. I'm just more and more depres...
  14. Leaving Bedside Nursing

    OMGosh. So true! Its not as much the patients but the HCAPS, the patient and family's expectations, and all the "Standardized Care". My patients have never been just "standard" and who started all this crap anyway? I know our government but who had a...
  15. Meaning of your username?

    I once saw a poster of an old type smiley face, (before emoticons) that had on big sunglasses, a nurses cap, and one arm with its fingers making the "peace" sign. It also had a speech bubble in which the word "COOL!" was printed. I'm sort of 'ol...