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I am about to enter into a nursing program but it found out that i have a speeding ticket as well as a warrant because it went unpaid. Will this stop me from being able to enter into clinicals. What kind of crimes can disqualify you from clinicals? I know offenses for drugs or dwis are automatic disqualifiers but is speeding in the same boat?

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I don't think minor traffic violations have any effect on your eligibility. Typically if you have an arrest record with things related to drugs, theft, DUI, DWI, battery or assault is where you are going to run into a problem. It likely will depend also on what state you live in. Try looking up your states nursing board's website.

A friend of mine had something pop up AFTER she passed nursing school, when you get fingerprinted again for NClex, and she had to do all this crazy stuff to get something that happened 14 yrs ago expunged off her record before they would issue her license. So I would definitely look into it sooner than later so you don't have any surprises.

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Let me move this the nursing with criminal history forum.

We can't speculate though on your ability to get into school, take the NCLEX and/or get a job.

Your best bet is to contact the school directly, the BON in your state and/or a lawyer.


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I am about to enter into a nursing program but it found out that i have a speeding ticket as well as a warrant because it went unpaid. quote]

Then pay it...


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Ya i just paid it. I didn't think i would be able to before i had to do a criminal background check. FirmlyAnchored gotta think outside the box.

I went through the trouble of posting a question on a nursing forum and your advice was pay it? Well duhh. I just wanted some more information if the ticket would come out or not. A little advice that will help you out later in life.

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As far as I know, tickets do not appear on background checks, unless ignored, bench warrant issued, and ended up receiving a court-issued charge/conviction for failure to comply. You've paid it, so should be fine. But, only your BON will be able to properly advise you.


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HI, I am going through a similar issue. Mine is not for a traffic violation though it's a misdemeanor for negligent discharge of a firearm and is considered non violent. I thought I had payed my fines in full but I just learned that a bench warrant was issued for non payment from a prospective employer and due to start my classes in April 3 2017. I just paid for my background check for scool and worried I won't be able to attend until all this is cleared. If you could please tell me what you went through it would be nice to hear some advice. Thand