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Creepy test thoughts nclex

by Peanutnurse14 Peanutnurse14 (New) New

I took the nclex pn. In sept went to the maximum 205 questions. I failed!!! I was devastated My test report came and broke down test and most sections were near passing standard and above passing standard. I did not look at anything for a few weeks honestly. I had good grades in school we went on gpa mine was 3.7. I had no reason in my head why this happened. I dug my head out of my butt. And retook yesterday. This time it shut off at 85 questions. I was wondering if in fact. The computer knew who I was and since I was close to passing evidently just kind of continued the test to see that I was at passing standard. I find it hard to believe that I did so poorly. This time that the computer gave me zero extra of the 120 available. To better my chances almost 150% of the. 85. ?? So I either did great. Or like I feel the test just kind of continued from last time is this possible. ??? I checked pop up got good one. I also have a fellow classmate that only had 85 and failed. Without getting into statistical algorithm theory. I wonder since I only had to show and confirm palm print my second time. If the Pearson does in fact know what I had and how close I came and gave me minimum to prove it. Ok. I know I think too much.

Hi! You probably passed!!! I took my exam on Friday the 14th and i looked on the BON Tuesday to find my name up there!!! I got 85 questions and finished my test in less than an hour. I thought i F A I L E D and already made plans for a retake. Anything is possible!

no.....each test is new. No 'continuation' from a previous one.....active imagination there ;)

Good luck!

When you got this popup did you notice if it said results available? Mine didn't and I got this popup today too!

No results til Tomm I imagine it will be 48 hrs at 10 am eastern

I think that's what results not available is talking about...the quick results. I don't think it has anything to do with PVT ☺️


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Well I just don't know ...I took mine on Tuesday the 18th but I failed. I tried the trick it tried to get funds from my card. I tried over 10 times and each time it tried to get funds, no money on card so I was safe. I only got 105 questions so that was why I was upset . I still had 100 more questions . So I guess I did real bad and they said STOP the bleeding now. What ever I will be back at it again 3th time...this is so pricey . The first time I went through to 205 questions but I failed. This time only 105 questions...who knows but I still got a bad pop up and it was 100% right. After you hit submit button and it tries to take your money...mine was right I failed.

I passed.!!! 2 nd attempt. I passed. Don't give up.