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Is Craigs list legit? I stumbled upon it trying to find a place to sell my car and found a bunch of postings for nurses. A lot of them are home health it looks like and some go to a dead link or an ad. But some of them seem legit. Think it will be ok to send them an email to find out?

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Craigslist itself is legit, but that doesn't speak to any of the people who post. You would have to contact the advertiser and use your best judgement.


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i found a couple of nice part time jobs on there, just be sure to check them out well.


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As stated before, craigslist in and of itself is legit. But the same can not be said of each and every advertiser that posts there. Recently there was bad publicity because of murders occurring from contacts in the personals section. The overt ads for sex services were discontinued because of this. You need to take standard precautions. I would be careful if the identity of a prospective employer is not revealed in the ad.


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yeah those are legit. you just have to be careful and investigate a little bit. there was one incident where she called a number from craigslist looking for a nanny and then she got killed coz the guy was psycho. so be careful. but my brother in law got his car in craigslist. so it all depends on how you do business.


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It is I bought something from there once and sold stuff on there. I been scammed on there as well. It was this lady that sold me some stamps for an unbelievable price and I never recieved them . So my advice to you is be careful .If you see something that it to good to be true check it out before saying yes to it. For example, ask for the buyer phone number to make sure they're legit.


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Hello, I love to browse Craigslist......but I will just advise you to be careful when applying for employment. Once you fax or email a resume if the person or company isnt legit they will unfortunately have access to all your info such as address, phone number, and all your employment history! Even if you just sent an email to inquire your full name is sent along with the email......Just be careful!

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