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CPR Results


Has 5 years experience.

I gotten my cpr report..and all my area's were near passing? I will go over all my content again, study all my materials just like I am in school. I didn't use Saunders this time..will be using it only because it has great information in it. I need to have a refresher course ..not a review.

Nienna Celebrindal

Has 12 years experience.

Have you seen that 35 phone study guide going around? I would check it out before launching into saunders. Also how many practice questions did you do? I found that the more I did the better I did. I don't believe I had poor content knowledge I needed to learn to answer the questions


Has 5 years experience.

Yes I do have the 35 pg review from here. But what I learned was I can do all the questions in the world but I got to understand what they are talking about first. I found myself the second time testing for the nclex I was doing ,mostly question which I got from 65%to 40% but then I thought I knew what they were about. When the test came I had done about 500 to 1000 questions which still didn't help me. I have to understand what they are talking about...like the questions can have something about respiratory and then the answers are about neuro...how are the two exchange together. I feel I must have a foundation of the content... Which I am not comfortable with at all..and that is okay..