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Hi everyone,

I was hoping someone out there that's involved / knowledgeable about the CPR training process could help me out.

I took my CPR class about a month ago as it is a pre-requisite for Nursing School which I will start in the fall.

The instructor said that we should receive our cards in the mail w/in two weeks and here it is a month later and I still have not received a card.

I need some sort of proof that I took the class and passed to give to my school but I don't know who I should contact, etc.

The instructor was an instructor for the American Heart Assoc. not necessarily my college.

If you have any ideas on whom I should try to contact I would appreciate it. Is there perhaps a director within my school that keeps track of all this? Or would I be better off trying to contact a local AHA office? I am not sure who is responsible for keeping track cards and such.

Thanks if you can point in the right general direction.


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Do you remember the name of your instructor? If not then I'd go to the office at school and ask who it is they usually have come in to do these classes, or who it was that last did one a month ago.. they must keep some kind of record. Or perhaps one of the others who took the class with you.. someone should remember the instructor's name ! Then once you have the name you can contact the appropriate office/dept. and go from there. Hope you get things in order... and in time ! Frustrating to be sure.. feel for ya !


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Try contacting the instructor's community training center to see if they turned in a roster. If not, you are going to have to track down the instructor and have them give you a copy of the roster.


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Instructors are required to turn in rosters to their training centers. If you can't remember or find out who the instructor was, contact your local training center (try the fire department/EMS). I always give my cards as I go.


If you make a complaint to the AHA they will definitely follow up. Trainers have been known to conduct classes and keep the money, etc. The AHA is responsible for the roster. I would contact them, as well as the school contact (who told you the class would be held? Start there) GOOD LUCK


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Aren't you in GA?

I received my card within 4 days. I took mine at Grady Hospital.

You should definitely call the instructor.


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The instructor can always give you a letter showing that you passed the class and your card is pending. Employers accept these letters -- I can't imagine that your school would have a problem with it. Just go through whatever source you went through to find the class (referral from school, ad in newspaper...), get the phone # and call the instructor. It shouldn't be a problem.

AHA instructors have to turn in their class rosters to the training centers to get the cards. Generally, cards are then sent from the training center (a training center can actually be an individual) to the instructor who, in turn, distributes them to the people who were in the class.

When I was an instructor, I always told people to allow four weeks, but almost always was able to get the cards to them earlier. One time, however, due to my training center (husband and wife team) going on vacation, it took about two weeks longer than usual. No need for panic.


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I took my class April 15th and 17th. I have yet to get my card. Classes start tuesday. She did say it would be about 2 weeks. I turned in my paperwork that I needed to in order to begin classes. The woman in the nursing dept. accepted the paper I got saying I successfully completed the class, but I would need to send in a photocopy of the card when I got it.

Good luck. ...

Why do I get the feeling that we go to the same school??


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My brother-in-law taught my class it was me and 4 volunteer firemen, he then turns in his roster to the local hospital who has a nurse who is the head of the AHA she sends the cards to him and then he gets them out to the students. He said he has had this take up to 6 weeks. The person to contact would be the local AHA office they will have the paper work and if your instuctor was good he/she will have backup (my brother-in-law makes copies of everything) if something happened to originals he/she can give them the backup.. From what my school said this happens all the time and they will take a letter from the instructor or program until the card can be reissued. Contact the instrutor or the AHA office after the holiday and I am sure you will be able to get some answers


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