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I need your help. I'm trying to do a google search to find a place in my area that does both cpr/acls certification. I'm between jobs now, so I can't recertify via my job. Also, while my acls is good for another few months, I don't even have a current CPR card...the last time I recertified was March 2002 at the hospital I worked at (and they did not provide us w/ cards).

I also ran across a website or two that offers CPR/ACLS recertification online...anyone do this?

PS...I'm in Chicago, so any local help would be especially appreciated! :)


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If you go to the American Heart Association's website at http://www.americanheart.org and click on "CPR/ECC". You can then enter your zip code for local organizations that offer certification.

Have fun!



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Thanks Todd. I'll check it out!:)

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the american heart website is faboo, and I advise it greatly!



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I would like that your local red cross chapter or whatever would offer those certifications.



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For medical or health related searches, Alta Vista tends to be one of the best. Dogpile.com is also another excellent search engine.

But do go to the American Heart Association web site and look up a local place to recert and when all else fails, call the nursing divisions of some of the local hospitals. Alot of them have classes and a lot of them offer it to "outsiders" for a fee. Good luck.


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Thanks for your help guys. If found one, via the AHA website, that will do both CPR/ACLS in 6 hrs for $139. Works for me!

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