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I received my CPNE date today. It is February 11-13 in Mansfield, Ohio. Is anyone else testing there on that date? I am excited but very nervous when I seen that date in my email. Can anyone give me any feedback that has tested at this site?




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i tested in mansfield on october 1st. i was really suprised at how nice and supportive the ca and ce's were. i really enjoyed it (after i passed and could breathe again). most importantly...know your critical elements and stick to your grid. good luck!!

TashaLPN2006RN2012, ASN, RN

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GOOD LUCK ! =) I may look to test in Mansfield too when my time comes so it's nice to hear it's a good place! =)

Check out what people have to say on the EPN on the EC website.

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I passed in Mansfield 9/24-9/26. The CA and CE's were great. The facility itself is very nice. Can't say much about the nursing staff as I had almost no interaction with them. I can't compare it to other sites as I only took the CPNE once, but I don't regret taking it there.

The city of Mansfield itself, however, is a little scary. Everyone there looks like they're on meth. :uhoh3:

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I passed in Mansfield in June 2008. I never got out into the city of Mansfield ... when I passed, I got the heck outta town! LOL. I also can't compare it to other sites as I passed the CPNE on my first attempt, but I felt the CA and CEs were professional and very good.


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I also took my CPNE in Mansfield in May of last year. I enjoyed it! The CE's and CA were very enthusiastic for us to pass.

I never ran into bad townspeople. Everyone at my hotel was nice and the fast food places we visited were also friendly. Went to the Wal-Mart twice for small items and the people there were nice as well. I was also on the road home Sunday before others had finished with their pt.'s, so I didn't stick around either.

GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!! Know your critical elements and you will do fine!

Where did you guys stay at? I saw that they recommended the holiday inn and suites and that we were to tell them that we were a Excelsior student. Is it cheaper here?

Thanks, Tonya

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I stayed at the recommended hotel -- I think there was a special/lower rate. It was a decent place, and they gave us little "welcome" bags with fruit and bottled water and muffins in them. :) They know we're there for some stressful stuff, so they try to make it a nice stay for you.