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cpne application


I had the worst time uploading documents, anybody else get an email confirmation on the site or when you check your application status does it say under review or no status under documents

Is it through BlackBoard?

If so, it's not you, it's BlackBoard. It's been running horribly.

Blackboard has literally had me in tears for two days. Its running slower than Heniz ketchup.

Can't we mail it out, the old fashioned way? Or is there no choice other than electronically?


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Wow! They still have that issue going on??? I went through the same thing back in Novemeber or December 2010. I contacted the region scheduler (SPAC) for me and she told me then that there was some component of the application that needed to be uploaded first, and then the others could wait. Of course, that was then. Once I uploaded that one document first, everything else went smoothly. Now, don't ask me which document it was was...I've aged quite a bit since then.