Coworker leaving but won’t put in notice

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My coworker came in on a Monday and we got an email that they were taking 2 months FMLA effective the next day. At the end of the day coworker told myself and our other coworker that it was a family member with a difficult pregnancy they were helping with, and that they would not return after FMLA was up because they’d gotten accepted into school full time. Coworker won’t tell manager until the last week of FMLA, which is understandable, but manger can’t post or fill that position unless an official notice is given. Our onboarding process takes nearly a month, so we’re going to be short-staffed for 3 months. Argh!!


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Coworker should have kept her mouth shut about her plans. Now someone who realizes the situation this will cause could very well put her luggage in the street by letting management know. 



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I’m not going to tell management but wish coworker would so we could get her spot filled. Coworker is gone, so we’re down a clinical person at my location, and clinical supervisor is also gone, so we’re down another person. Since I’m now the senior clinical person, I’m being asked to fill some of the responsibilities of the supervisor and have new employees asking me how to do this or where do I find that on top of doing my own workflow short-staffed. 

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You might point out to your coworker that they'll have to pay back the value of any benefits provided during FMLA if they fail to return.  For instance, if they are continuing health insurance coverage during FMLA then the employee will owe all of the employer's contributions during their time on FMLA.

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FMLA doesn't require that they hold THAT position for this person, only that they provide them an equivalent position upon their return. So there is nothing preventing them from filling her spot while she's gone.