COVID-19: Different For Women


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As data becomes available, differences in the impact of COVID-19 in women and men are emerging.  Becker’s Hospital Review compiled key statistics about the pandemic’s effect on women.  Read on to learn more. You are reading page 2 of COVID-19: Different For Women. If you want to start from the beginning Go to First Page.

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On 8/13/2020 at 5:12 PM, ICU/EMTP said:

Is wearing a mask a reasonable protection against C19? If you do not take precautions and contract C19, then that is your fault. Lifestyle disease is solely the responsibility of the one living the lifestyle. The interesting thing is how few are willing to accept it.

Masks have been made a law in many states and states that haven’t done so still have areas within the state that have also made it a law. Good luck enforcing it. Businesses place a sign on the door but say nothing as they watch customers violate the order. Airlines say that passengers must wear masks but they do not enforce it. My husband works on OR equipment in hospitals so he unfortunately has to fly to some accounts-the airline will say that everyone has to wear a mask-but don’t do anything if they don’t have one on when boarding-they will keep telling them about their seatbelt and trays, but nothing about the mask they keep taking off or never had on to begin with. The person doing checkin has their mask below their nose to top it off and lets people board without a mask after stating one is required.

Of course the ones without the masks seen to be the loudest and most ‘chatty’ on the plane I’ve heard. My husband told the guy to please stop screaming questions at him and put his mask on since he has a family that he doesn’t want to subject to COVID19 since he was seated close to some a-hole on the plane. Laws/rules are completely useless if not enforced and those employed by companies not enforcing the policies are not helping the problem.

Oh, and his luggage for the plane right was an extra $630 for three bags (tools to make an OR operational again)-their response, “We’ve lost millions over the past few months”....what the heck does that make three bags suddenly cost $630 for one person-on top of the $800 air ticket to sit next to the obnoxious guy refusing to wear a mask....

More and more places are starting to feel like a trip to Walmart only with much higher prices....

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Some valid reasons COVID-19 would have more impact on women (pregnancy, unable to return to work due to lack of childcare).

I never like this division into sex categories, though, there is plenty of PEOPLE that suffer from the virus.