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Cover letter critique


I tried making it concise, to the point, objective information, and used excerpts from the job post.

To Whom may it concern,

I am writing this letter in response to the RN Medical Telemetry post in the employment opportunities at (website). I am applying for the full time telemetry RN position at Hospital. I have obtained my BSN from University and possess a current RN license in the state of ***.

Through my bachelor's training at *** University, I am skillful in utilizing the nursing process and it's importance at each stage of patient care. I am able to anticipate the needs of patients and coordinate a plan of care. I collaborate with my team to ensure continuum of care and patient safety. I am able to take direction, communicate effectively to my patient and team, and I possess a passion for teaching and mentoring.

In addition to BSN training, I have extensive experience in restaurant and customer service. I am passionate about delivering high-quality, compassionate care to my patients. I have cared for a diverse population and individualize my care for each patient.

I am confident that my work ethic, critical thinking skills, and positive energy would make me an ideal candidate for your department. I look forward to hearing from you soon to discuss this opportunity. Thank you for your time and interest!

Sincerely Yours


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This is a well written letter!! Great job! Don't forget to touch upon the various aspects of your letter in your resume. Even if it is to do a "clinical rotation/skills at ABC hospital included...."

Again, very well done and wishing you the best in your future endevours!


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"and it's importance at each stage of patient care"

Take out the apostrophe for "its." :)


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I would take out one of the first sentences .. If you are writing in response to the telemetry post it is granted that you're applying for the telemetry position, that's the only critique I can offer as I'm not sure what employers respond best to