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Course schedule is this too much...


Hi, so it looks like I will have to repeat AP2, received a 74 if I can obtain 90 or higher on the next 2 exams. Need a 75 to transfer or apply to a program.

Question is taking Chem 1 Tuesday and Thursday 530 to 830. Then an online Hybrid AP 2 Class Wednesday 1130 to 130. Then College Algebra online.

Think this is a set up for failure?

It depends on a few factors - do you have kids/a family to take care of?

Do you have to work (if so, how many hours?)

Are you a quick learner, or do you really have to spend a lot of time on each concept until it sticks?

The courseload you have there is entirely doable as long as you can devote the time to it - you've got 2x 4 credit hr sciences there so that could get a bit tough depending on how much free time you have. Algebra online isn't too bad as long as your professor is accessible if you need help, otherwise, just try to stay on top of assignments.

I am probably going to be doing AP2 over. So a lot of homework will be done and material will be rehashed.

Chem 1 makes me nervous did decent in Intro Chem, but they say you need College Algebra for the class. Worried about that.

I agree with the above post about your environment factors and how great are you in math? I personally would take 2 classes and focus on your A&P so you can pass with flying colors.

I'd be really careful taking two sciences and a math course over the summer - especially since you're struggling in A&P II.

I wouldn't mind if the math class in the summer was end of May to August. Tried 6 weeks didn't go well. Might take AP2 as an option if I can find a course that's open and can work my work schedule around.

After looking at the grades the best case scenario if I can achieve 100 on the next 3 exams can walk out with an 87. Things are looking brighter.