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couldnt take my test :(( (advise check ur documents first)

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I went today to take my test and I couldnt took it because my ID name and my Att letter didnt match. All my documents have two last names beacuse in my country Puerto Rico we use both last names and when I registered I just put one las name... Plz if u r reading this plzzzzz plzzz check ur documents. Now I have to pay to reapply to the board and I have to pay again for take my nclex... :((

I'm so sorry to hear that you have to pay again. I know its a hassle trying to save as much as possible just to take the exam. Wishing you well expectations on your exam.

Will the BON allow a name change instead? Since you have documentation with correct full name (and I'm assuming it also shows on school transcripts), you may want to call and give it a try.

I called them, I called Pearson Vue, but apparently it was my mistake (costly mistake) because I registered just with one last name to take the test... well I just dont understand why I have to pay to change my name, because all the papers that I sent to them have my 2 last names.... aaaggghhh!!!

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I'm sorry for your circumstances. In the Pearson Vue and NCSBN documents it clearly states that the first and last name on both your ATT letter and your identification must match exactly. I can see where your situation is a bit different than other candidates may be (such as I register with a maiden name but my ID shows my married name and I fail to bring the marriage certificate when I present to the test center.)

Pearson Vue is pretty strict about no refunds if you are unable to test or not admitted to the test center (with the only exception being state of emergency where the test center is forced to close.) There is even a charge to reschedule your test date.

Hopefully others can learn from this unfortunate situation.