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A woman decided to go and have some vaginal cosmetic surgery as after having 5 kids her husband doesnt seem as interested in her anymore and she feels a little nip and tuck might help. :rolleyes:

After waking from surgery she looks to the bottom of the bed to find 3 bouquets of roses. She calls the nurse over and asks where they came from;

"well, the first bouquet is from the surgeon" the nurse said "He thought the operation went so well and that you was a fantastic patient and so brought you the flowers to tell you so"

"That was very nice of him, but who are the other 2 from"

"well.." explained the nurse "the second bouquet is from your husband, he had a little peek while you was asleep and is that impressed he can't wait to get you home"

"Oh my god! thats fantastic" the patient said grinning "well who sent the third bouquet?"

"That my dear is from Bernie, a patient in the burns unit, he wanted to thank you for his new ears!" :rotfl: :rotfl:

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As i've said before, i find this funny but if i posted it i would get burned by the Moderators!


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:rotfl: :p :rotfl: :p :rotfl:


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Ohhh! That's so gross! It's one of the funniest things I have heard in ages!



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EWWWWWWW! :rotfl:

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BWAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:


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Thank you for my biggest laugh this week. Isn't is amazing what those plastic surgeons can do?


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ahahahahah :lol2:


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ha ha ha ha ha ha

thank you

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"That my dear is from Bernie, a patient in the burns unit, he wanted to thank you for his new ears!" :rotfl: :rotfl:Love it love it love it!!!!!!!

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