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How much does your facility charge the inmates for sick call/meds? It is $3 a nurse visit, $5 an MD/DDS visit, $2 for and OTC med and $3 for an Rx med where I work. Chronic care (HTN, DM,... Read More

  1. by   Orca
    We charge $8 for a sick call visit and nothing for medications. When I started with my agency it was $4 per visit and $4 per medication. If an injury is self-inflicted or is the result of an altercation or sports activity, the charge can range from $25-50. If an inmate is found to be responsible for another's injuries, he/she can be assessed for the full cost of treatment.
  2. by   Psych77
    I stopped trying to convince them that its justified, it never goes anywhere. You just have to tolerate that they are upset with the system and you are the messenger. On a positive note, a lot of nurses I work with forget to have them fill out the proper paperwork so they are charged; I always try not to do that, because I notice that it cuts down on inmates coming in for nonsense complaints.
    Our sick calls are $5 dollars.
  3. by   Neats
    There are very few times I have allowed an inmate to complain of co-pays in medical. I was the HealthCare manager so investigated all the level III complaints and every day received complaints about co-pays with the same have to contribute something toward your medical care, no it is not impeding medical access because the policy clearly states you will be seen regardless of the ability to pay or not.
    The one who I allowed to complain were usually in ad seg and it was our interaction that more than likely made them feel human again.

    reasons for co-pay:
    1. Reduction in frivolous visits (I once had an inmate sign up for sick call because he burped...once after eating.
    2. Invest in their own healthcare encourages better living
    3. They have access to the commissary I often reviewed what they bought and then if it was say a diabetic I would write down in the medical chart what they bought at the commissary i.e. candy, chips, if they can afford that then they can afford a small co-pay (not chronic care visits though)
    4. It is real world living and once you get out you will have less trouble transitioning with health care services.
    5. I am not talking about co-pays I am here to provide...sick call, pill pass.
    6. Inmates receive health care the constitution does not say it needs to be free.
    7. Strike a balance of correctional responsibility and inmate responsibility.

    There are many ways you can deal with this but mostly the nursing staff that I am responsible for I just allow them to say I am not responsible for co-pays, I do not collect the monies only the sick call (kite slips) what is your medical need?
  4. by   smllattnspn21
    In our facility sick call costs $10 to see medical regardless of who they see. This is usually the way I work it as I do not want to discourage those who are truly sick from seeing me. They are required to fill out a sick call slip, If I see them and address the issue without having to put them down to see the doctor, they are charged $10. If I forward them on to see the doctor I waive my fee for seeing them and they are charged $10 to see the doctor. Therefore they only pay that $10 one time. Medications are charged out at Company Pharmacy cost. Company Pharmacy cost is way better than local Pharmacy cost through Walgreens or Walmart. Before, they paid a flat fee of $10 per script. It was determined that some were getting really good deals when it came to the HIV meds and the NON Form meds. Others were getting really bad deals, when it came to generic and Form meds. Most meds that are Form meds are less than $10 and most are even less than $5. If an inmate requests IBU or Tylenol they are charged $0.25 a piece.
  5. by   Woodstock11
    Ours is $5
    Emergencies are free....unless it is not an emergency

    .then it is $5 and a lecture on what constitutes an emergency...and hand them a sick call slip.
  6. by   Orca
    We have an appeals procedure for inmates to request reversal of medical charges. In order for a charge to be reversed, the request must be legitimate. Normally, the inmate has to prove either that the visit did not occur, or that it was directly related to a chronic clinic (we don't charge for chronic clinic visits or psychiatric services).

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