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  1. Hi Does anyone know which unit (male of female) a person who was born as a male yet has been surgically 'changed' to be a female and is now registered as a female would be placed in prison? Has anyone come across this kind of case as part of their work?
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  3. by   Nurse LB
    In the past, I was informed that until the actual surgical procedure is performed, the inmate (male) remains in a male institution, but if the surgery had already been completed he would go to a female institution. We have had , situations in the past, where an inmate was in the process of receiving hormone therapy in preparation for a sex change and we received a court order to continue the hormone therapy during his incarceration but did not have to complete the sex change. The inmate had breasts and was permitted to remain in general population.
  4. by   Rambo-ette
    In the correctional setting, a male is a male until he has had the penis and testicles removed. I have run across several inmates who have had the breast implants but not completed the surgery. These inmates are housed as males, usually in protective custody. If they have completed their sex change surgery, they are treated as women.
  5. by   RNatlast
    at the hospital that i work at, we have a surgeon who does "gender revision "surgeries. and the pt's are most definately female upon discharge... so i would imagine that the clients you are asking about are already female!
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  9. by   mintyRN
    I worked in a womens maximum security facility. We had an inmate that had a sex change from male to female. "She" had the surg several yrs prior to incarceration. She was in general population and if I hadn't been told by staff, I would have never even suspected it by looking at her.
  10. by   JailRN
    In our facility, if a person has completed the surgery, they are housed wherever their current sex is. It's not a problem with women, but with men, we segregate them for their our protection, as we do with gay men.
  11. by   sjoe
    In this city jail, preops were housed with their birth gender inmates unless that caused too much conflict, in which case they were housed with other preop trans people of their birth gender. Postops were housed with their "new" gender inmates, unless that caused too much conflict, in which case they were housed on the same cell block with their "new" gender inmates, but in a cell by themselves, other similar postops, or with someone who didn't care one way or the other. In either case, "genitals ruled," that is it didn't matter about breasts, facial surgery, hormones, "emotional identity," etc. but the inmate was housed on the block with people who had similar-appearing genitals.
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  12. by   Orca
    The only experience I have had with this in a prison setting is an inmate who was part way through a sex change when he was convicted and sent to prison. He had had breast implants and gluteal implants, but had not yet had the surgery to remove the penis and create a vagina. He was housed alone on the intake unit, then transferred to the facility where most of the state's sex offenders are housed. It is the first and only time I have administered Premarin in my all-male facility.

    Complicating things were that he was HIV-positive, and also was having problems with necrotic tissue associated with the gluteal implants. I was left wondering whether the state would be stuck with the expense of removing these wonders of modern medicine.
  13. by   JailRN

    THe state probably WILL get stuck with the expense of removing these wonders of modern medicine. All too often, the prisoners know their rights better than the courts and staff do. We had a prisoner who received a heart transplant!!! at the cost of a gazillion dollars. Now there is an inmate suing because he is a man, convicted of murdering his wife and lover, who now decides he wishes to become a woamn, He's in for life and feels that psychologically, it's too stressful to continue as a man. SSSOOOO, he wants the taxpayers to pay for a sex change operation.

    Only in Calif-the land of fruits and nuts.
  14. by   sjoe
    We didn't pay for reconstructive surgery, but at any given time we would have a half-dozen male-to-female inmates on Premarin and various other medications, as the courts had decided it was "cruel and unusual punishment" to stop such treatment-- forcing the person to halt his/her progress toward the desired gender identity.

    Funny, though, in the 4 years I was there, I don't recall a single female-to-male in transition. Perhaps they were housed at a different jail? Perhaps they didn't get arrested so often? Don't know.