LA County Sheriff's Dept. & Marijuana

  1. I recently applied for an RN position with the LA County Sheriff's Department. The online application includes a lengthy list of recreational drugs and questions about recreational drug use.

    I, honestly, have zero recreational drug use EXCEPT I ate a pot brownie in 2001 and had a very bad experience (N/V, time stood still, it was terrible).

    So I answered the questions honestly:
    • Marijuana use ever: Yes
    • Frequency: I checked the least option, "1-14 times"
    • When: I check the last option, "More than 4 years ago."

    I figure if there is a lie-detector I will get caught if I have lied. I have had pre-employment lie detector tests in the past and always pass because I am a pretty "clean" person and always figure it is better to be honest. I can pass any drug test and I used to work in a field were random drug tests were common.

    Was I wrong to be honest? Will my one usage 15 years ago really be a problem?
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  3. by   Farawyn
    I wouldn't have said anything at all for that long ago, but if it still bothers you and you have to take lie detector tests I guess it's better to be truthful.

    Why did you have to take lie detectors as pre employment?
  4. by   Alex_RN
    I took lie detectors in three different situations: Twice for different placement firms in the aerospace industry and once for a restaurant that had a theft problem. In all cases they simply asked if everything on my application/resume was true and if I had ever stolen anything of substance from an employer. They specifically worded the stealing question, like not including incidental pens, office supplies, and did any incidental theft total more than a dollar amount, like $100. Each test took less than 10 minutes. A friend of mine, a very nervous girl, did not pass the test because they could not get a baseline.
  5. by   Farawyn
    Thanks. I've never taken one.
  6. by   Alex_RN
    Quote from Farawyn
    Thanks. I've never taken one.
    It made a lasting impression on me. I won't even use hospital nail clippers on myself.
  7. by   Farawyn
    Quote from Alex_RN
    It made a lasting impression on me. I won't even use hospital nail clippers on myself.
    I worked with a nurse who used to take a quart of milk every time she worked.
    I wonder how she would do on that?

    I'm sure it did! I would freak.
  8. by   canigraduate
    Eh, as long as you convince yourself you're "borrowing," you're fine and won't set off the machine on the stealing questions.

    I would have said "no" to the drug thing, because I drank so much alcohol in college I don't really remember the drugs.

    I for sure wouldn't have remembered one pot brownie fifteen years ago.
  9. by   gonzo1
    I have friends in the biz. Telling the truth is the right thing. If they only hired people who had never had one joint they would not have any workers. LOL

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