HELP, what to do when orientation goes wrong????

  1. Attention all nurses..... Ok I just started my new job as a staff nurse at a "halfway House" AKA Transitional Facility, its where inmates are released to a work ready program to help them become prepared for real life after prison.....Moving forward Lots of red flags, please note my intentions are not to be negative, I needed this job or atleast something...My passion is mental health so I figured inmates or residents "they say" would have some form of mental health, one the nurse I'm working with is very stressed out she was pulled in from another area a prison to be exact to fill in and train me until further notice, this nurse has said she don't like it, its too much work, she talks about how big her office is at her job, she says its too much work, when she answers the phone she mentions "Hi Im Mrs. blank I'm training the new nurse and then she proceeds with her conversation, she has screamed at me saying she can't train me right now but comes back an apologize, She is making mistakes, she's not teaching me an entire step to one assignment, she went back and said oh I forgot to do this so I miss out on other things for going back to something else, she is unhappy and we found ourselves screaming at each other and I hardly know this lady after 4 days, now I'm second guessing my option to work here, my nurse manager has been called and she says she will be talking with her tomorrow, by the way my nurse manager is fairly new, not on top of that this job does have alot of autonomy, you do appts, consults, give meds not many though, you do intakes which is new admits not knowing how many you might get, most of the job appears to be secretary work with a little nursing, you of course will have flu shots, Physicals, Tb test, flu shots, etc so more task eventually when trained you work alone no co workers, doctor or NP comes once a week, you put in orders but any who I don't know yall WHAT WOULD YOU DO??? This lady has stated she doesnt want to train, and I dont think the company have anybody else due to the last nurse being in this role 7 years sorry im venting WHAT WOULD YOU DO
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    Moved to correctional nursing
  4. by   Blackcat99
    I have survived some "awful orientations" in my life. I just tolerate the pain and frustration. What else can you do? My last orientation was from an "extremely hostile bully". I just told myself to hang in there as orientation will be over soon and I survived. Of course, the bully wanted me to fail so there were many things she didn't tell me about during orientation.
  5. by   Nurse Beth
    A lot of this is temporary (the nurse orienting you) and then you're left with deciding if you will be happy with the job.
    Don't quit in haste- you can be looking for another job while you keep at this one. Best wishes.
  6. by   Orca
    It sounds like your trainer is a burnout case with a bad attitude, and you aren't going to learn much under those conditions. You did the right thing by taking this to your nurse manager.