Corrections Nurses: Have You Been Hit Like This?

  1. Inmate Attacks prison nurse Video -

    Wow ... just wondering if anything like this has happened to you.

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  3. by   sirI
    I never had a left hook in the prison system, but did in the ED one night. Fx my jaw.
  4. by   jamangel
    That has never happened to me. That is type serious! Wow!
    I have witnessed attacks on officers.
  5. by   Schweetnsazzy
    Okay, after watching this video, which is by far very disturbing.......I have to wonder why #1 this inmate was not in full restraints, especially after having assaulted other staff earlier in the morning and #2 if this inmate threatened the nurse 2 hours prior to her treating him, why did she not request to have the inmate in full restraints? If it doesn't feel right, it probably isn't.
  6. by   Sheri257
    The video says they set his hands free so the nurse could treat the wounds on his hands ... but still ...

    In hindsight ... it doesn't seem to have been a good idea with all of the problems they had with him earlier.

  7. by   Ion
    Sometimes you have to introduce them to the floor, the wall, the gurney... it is good to meet new people.

    I believe more people are dropped by nurses in the hospital than the average correctional facility.
  8. by   **nurse**
    It is a shocking video to watch, HOWEVER...... Note how quickly he is taken off her. In the ER or nursing home or rehab there wouldn't be security right there, and most hospital security I've seen would need MY backup anyway. Stuff might happen, but we already know they aren't nice guys. It was a pop in the face.....she had no broken nose or teeth, no serious threat to life during the incident. Stick a video into any facility and I bet things you see everyday might look gawdawful. Like when we are releasing some steam about difficult patients, rushing or performing a difficult intervention (wouldn't some look BRUTAL), or getting reamed out by some god complexed physician or family member. It was a short instant in the day of, and that nurse may have let her guard down for a minute but I bet she keeps on going to work and filed it into lesson learned, used it.
  9. by   Sheri257
    Quote from homicidalnurse
    It is a shocking video to watch, HOWEVER...... Note how quickly he is taken off her. In the ER or nursing home or rehab there wouldn't be security right there ...
    I agree. I've been hit like that before in the hospital and there was NOBODY around to help me, that's for sure. Security was a joke.

    I still think prison is probably safer however, I've never actually worked in corrections so, that's why I wanted to ask corrections nurses to comment on this video.

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  10. by   Ion
    Quote from homicidalnurse
    ...r getting reamed out by some god complexed physician or family member. ....
    If you kick their butt or call them out in front of everyone you often will never have to deal with that again. Bullies hate having their punk card pulled.

    Same thing with family members. And always call the police and press charges if assaulted. People like that do what they do because they have been getting away with it for so long. Assault on a health care worker is a felony here, and whether it is an inmate patient or not they need held accountable.

    No one has the right to degrade you or harm you- ever.
  11. by   ddc101
    never had it happen.They would have to stay in the brigg.
  12. by   nomadicV
    No and in general, I worry more about harm with the non-incarcerated population: reason being--in corrections you know the type of individuals you're dealing with and as in the video, there's ususally help nearby. In the non incarcetated population, there is no telling how long the attack would have gone on.
  13. by   tirzo13
    not happened to me, just alot of threats.
    we did have a nurse have his jaw fractured a few months ago.

    you would think it happens more, often the doctors or nurses will be alone in the treatment room with Inmates, not supposed to happen, but alot of things are not supposed to happen but do.

    Most of the Inmates don't mess with me, I came from the streets, so we can relate, they also know that i usually go out of my way to check things out for them when another nurse messed up his meds, or what is taking so long for his supplies to come in, while other nurses tell them to F#$% off!
    Usually if a new IM mouths off to me, another IM will set them straight.
    But still, these guys are on psych meds for a reason, so i'm sure if i stay in it long enough, i will be swung at, hopefull no more than that, though weapons are all over the place.
  14. by   Nur_1996
    I can honestly say, if it had been me, I would leave, and NEVER come back!

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