Anyone working for CMS?

  1. So far, CMS seems like they're fair, any other comments about them?
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  3. by   military spouse
    I just started working for them and initially I REALLY disliked it, but I've now worked in the infirmary and really enjoy that. The infirmary has one nurse and as few as 5 inmates, but generally between 8 and 11 inmates. It is like stepped-down med/surg. I'm waiting for my first paycheck as they said they mailed it, we'll see
  4. by   cmoffettgcj
    I have worked for CMS for the last 8 years going on 9 years. I have had nothing but good experiences with CMS. I started out as a staff nurse in a jail of 900 inmates and within a year moved up to DON then a year later moved up to administrator. Our company is always looking at ways to improve patient care and employee knowledge, safety and relations. Our cooperate office keeps all of our sites up to date on rules, regulations and the fast paced changes that affect our jobs. When our nurses were being under paid, they listened, put together a salary survey and we got our raises to meet the community nursing jobs around us. It has been great. Cheryl
  5. by   kyjailnurse
    I have worked for CMS for about 5 years the jail has about 1200 inmates I work in Medical Housing on nights but have done various other jobs at this jail for CMS. It is a pretty good job, benfits are not that great as far as healthcare.
  6. by   oh2beinxtc
    I recently quit working for CMS in Memphis tn.I was still in orientation,going on my 3 rd week. I worked days and had been there at 9 hrs, when the DON informed me at 3:00 I had to stay for the 3-11 shift mandatory OT.I have ben a nurse 16 years and CMS was by far the worst place I have ever worked.:angryfire
  7. by   Eugene09
    CMS is by far the worst administrative corporation I have ever worked for. They make you work way under staffed. To take a vacation you have to get it covered yourself. Your PTO balances are not easily available to you. They hire off the street the first time they see someone. They do not stand behind their staff at all. CMS insurance is awful!
  8. by   Nurse Fee Fee
    i used to work for them also. what state did you state did you work for them in?
  9. by   Neats
    i am a don for cms and i must say i enjoy working for this company. now as with any cms health care unit arena it is run by the don and administrator. a good don and administrator can make a huge difference in the lives of staff members and the operations of the health care unit. i treat people the way i want to be treated. my job as don is to guide you in doing your job. to accomplish this i need to be organized, competent, communicate timely, be an active listener and support staff. i should not have to work shifts that are not covered unless it is an emergency, i.e. a death in the family would be an example. our corporate supports our sites and provides adequate staffing allocation so i can schedule appropriately. once the schedule goes out it is up to staff to look for alternatives to changing their assignments.. again it is the work site that determines how to utilize and perform on a daily basis, corporate provides the policy/procedures and support in carrying those out. it sounds like your experiences are not really cms as a whole but site specific. i would really keep an open mind and if you want correctional nursing as a career think of cms again, we are not all that bad. good luck to you in your future endeavours.
  10. by   Jarnaes
    I worked for CMS in NC a few years ago, and I would work for them again.
  11. by   Eugene09
  12. by   Eugene09
    Can you come to Indiana????
  13. by   Eugene09
    I truely believe that it is site specific. Our head of medical is a micro manager! She will not let anyone else help with the schedule and gives our DON no credit or real responsibilities.Our head of medical does not care if you have a life or children or anything else. She actually tells you that even if you have the time "you can not call in, I do not have anyone to cover your shift." People have vacation time and can not use it because of no coverage. Funny thing is she can take a vaction.
  14. by   bermuda56
    I wish I could say that I have had good experiences with CMS. After 14 months, loving my job, I AM DONE. BAD management, unprofessional and disrespectful to me as a professional.