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forgive me if I'm missing something here..

I'm finally able to seek nursing work (yay!) and have seen (both other places and on AN) that corrections nursing is usually recovery friendly. I'm just curious, how? as most nurses returning to nursing work seem to have a narc restriction to start.

So, if you're the only nurse (nite shift, small facility, etc) how is it possible to have a colleague cover those meds? Are narcs and other controlled meds not given in a correctional facility setting? I don't see how that would work/is realistic, but again I don't know as I've never been exposed to it.

Thanks for any input! :)

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The prisons in my area have fully staffed infirmary. Smaller jails have at least 2 people at all times.

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We had med aides in the jail. The prison I worked at never gave narcotics. It was their protocol.


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I've worked in my county jail sunce 2013. It was the only job I could get after 14 interviews. My Don is great and I had another nurse pass my narcs that first year. I gave her a thank you. gift at the end of that year. We have 3 nusrses on at night in one part of our building and two at the other. They staff us well.