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Correctional Facility Nurse

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I am getting ready to start my new job at the correctional facility in the city in which I live. I am very excited about this job! I love new challenges. Anyone have any advice, anyone who has experience in this field?:nailbiting:


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Well, I haven't worked as an LPN in a jail or prison, but am an LPN. I have a friend who is a teacher in a local prison. She said teaching in a prison can be stressful. She warned me against being a nurse there. My advice would be, always be on your guard. Never trust anyone, and always be prepared to hear awful language. I have another friend who is an LPN in a local jail however, and she really likes it as far as I know. Good luck!

I worked in a prison in 1998. I worked the night shift so we had clinic at 4-5am. It was basically each inmate would come in and tell us his symptoms. We would give him OTC meds or set him an apt to see the MD. A lot of them are just there to have something to do, or to see what they can get from you. Then there are some who are truly feeling bad. I never was able to differentiate between the two, they are professional con artist. For the most part they behaved, on occasion we would find them in the bathroom of the waiting area doing inappropriate things and have to call a guard to come get them. On one occasion an inmate faked a seizure on and off for an hour! He was really good at this and had me fooled for a good 30-45 min. So try not to be naive and remember they are there by choice. Good luck.


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I had applied for a job at our local prison. Day of interview, as soon as I drove in to the area, I knew it was not for me, but I still proceeded.

Was an interviewer(s) of 3...I felt as if I was in "Flashdance", LOL.

I had been out of work a while...wasn't up on the latest..or even the current drugs...I should have reviewed (but didn't want this job after getting there, so it wouldn't have mattered)..I am a floor and triage nurse... knowing the drugs is very helpful in relating to triage and efficiency and helps to understand the patients condition).

I blew the interview..I knew it..and I told them so..lol. Never did get a response from them..although assured it would come, either way. It was from the state. No response whatsoever.. no problem...cept, just please do what you say you will do. (NC)

I've worked in the ED with cops n robbers (so to speak), and thats about where, just as far as I would like to be with criminals.

I work in a detention center which is like one step before prison. I actually love my job. You just can't let the officers run all over you and make medical decisions for you. They think they're medical and they're not. Also, don't let the inmates be disrespectful. It's all about respect for these guys. If they're smarta*ses to me, I'm one back to them. If they're inappropriate in any way, you can write them up (a disciplinary). If they're respectful, I'm respectful.

You have to remember... they're cons... and they'll con you...


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I haven't work in a prison, but I have a RN friend who seems to love the job. One thing is for sure, the inmates are total con artists. I have been around drug addicts in my life and they are true con's. You, yourself, must be strong minded, strong willed, and not take any nonsense from anyone. If you can not deal with a con, you should not be part of this system. If you are weak, they will see right through you and you don't stand a chance. Also, you need to watch the guards. They are living this life style day in and day out, they too are good cons. I know a few Corrections officers and most of them have affairs with the nurses, so be on your guard for that.

I wouldn't do this job for all the money in the world. There is no way I want to be locked in with any of them. This is a depressing life style and job for me, so personally, I have to say to you to be extra careful and learn some great self defense classes. And or take some martial arts classes to learn to defend yourself in a serious situation that you are not used to.

I want to wish you some luck, success and hope you are prepared for this job. If at any time you feel threaten, you should find another job.

GOOD LUCK :nurse:

I have worked at my job for 1.5 years and like I said... I love it! If an inmate is being disrepectful to you, you can tell the officer to get them out of there. Just remember, document, document, document! Those inmates cry to their lawyers, their families, anyone that will listen and then those people call up there complaining. Good thing is, I don't have to talk to family members. :-)


-Don't get in a relationship with an inmate

-Don't get emotionally involved with an inmate

-Don't do anything "Special" for an inmate (as in bring anything in)

-Don't give inmates personal information

Just do your job and that's it. You can be compassionate but only in a way that isn't illegal, lol!

I know you're probably thinking this won't happen to me... (a relationship)... but it can! These folks are master manipulators.

They're locked up for a reason.


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Had a friend in corrections nursing. Told me 1 - your safety comes first; 2 - staff/coworker safety comes second; 3 - inmate safety comes third and 4 - inmate health issues comes next.

She said it took a while for her to get her head around that sequence, but it made sense. The first 2 safety concerns were paramount. After all, it WAS corrections, then nursing.

I don't know if any other corrections nurses would back that up?!?

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Only worked County jail and I loved it! You can not be a push over if so they will take advantage. Was infirmary nurse, pill call, sick call and triage nurse. Infirmary is like mini er you have dr,rn,lpn and a tech. Pass pills to housed inmates in infirmary and carry out orders add dr gives them. Sick call is they have been set up on appt with dr like office visits. Pill call you go on cell block and pass meds, triage you go see them on cell block after they have completed a sick call request.easiest job ever no butt kissing like in nursing homes.always security first though as they are inmates....


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I worked in a county jail for about a year. I hated it. It wasn't the duties, or even the inmates. It was the officers, other nurses and management. They were just horrible people with no kindness. Being in a an enclosed space with no windows with horrible people for 12 hours at a time for days on end does some weird things to you. It totally drained my mentally and emotionally. I hope your experience is not like mine but just wanted to put it out there.

And in my experience the officers can be just as manipulating as the inmates so watch out for that.

I work at a county jail and it's not too bad. Just pop them their pills and be on your way. Most of them are on psych meds. I work prn and my facility does 8 hr shifts. The officers are really nice and 'some' of the nurses can be nice too.