Contract? Is this fair?


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I've just been offered a contract (13 weeks) in NC they are giving me $110 daily tax free but my base is $12.00. Take home would be right around $1100 also I have to pay for my own housing. This Co. does not pay for housing they will just help you locate your own. Once again this just doesnt seem right and I am hesitant about signing.


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Red flag to me is the $12 taxable rate, that's too low, should be at least $20 I think. Look elsewhere!

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I'd run away from that one. Actually if you are an RN, try explaining to the IRS why you are making less than $24/hr which is the low end of national average. That would be a giant red flag for an audit. Not to mention with no housing stipend, food stipend, or relocation reimbursement, then why do it? You'd be losing money.


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The real answer to your question is how does that offer compare with other offers you have received from other agencies in the same area? If you don't know the answer it means you are approaching this the wrong way. Just asking the question usually means you have doubts and don't trust this agency. That is not a good start so you should keep looking anyway and talk to other agencies. Then you will find a better assignment with someone you communicate better with.

As as to the other replies, the IRS has no idea nor do they care what your hourly rate is. All they see are quarterly tax deposits by your employers. Large swings in those deposits in our tax bracket do not trigger tax audits. If we lose our job, the IRS is not going to audit us! In any case, accepting a low hourly rate is completely legal and will survive an audit easily in the absence of other issues - you do need a legitimate tax home of course - that is where travelers can get into expensive trouble.


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A travel company that doesn't provide fully furnished housing is a red flag to me. And I've worked as a staff nurse in NE at $19/hr, so THATS the low end of RNs.