Continuing Education, do you take any classes, where, what & who pays for those?

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Do you take any continuing education classes? What type of classes, where and who pays?

GmaPearl BSN RN

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Our local children's hospital puts on a number of continuing ed seminars each year. Many are on Saturdays so finding a sub is not an issue. Topics run the gamut of childhood and adolescent illness, incidents and issues. Our school district nursing department and our support personnel union both have funds for continuing education. NAMI also puts on an excellent yearly conference (free).


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I have a second job that provides all my CEUs. They are not school related, but they are free :)


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The local school nurse chapter has quarterly meetings with a variety of programs good for about 10 CEUs a year. NASN has a bunch too. The rest are covered by my grad credits.


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I paid for my NASN membership, so I supposed I pay for my CEU. I'm going to try and get my school to pay for my required school nursing requirements by being cheap this year. ;) Other than that I look for the free ones. Don't care what they cover!

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